Best Jobs for Work at Home Mom Wannabes

best jobs for work at homeAre you a mom who is hoping to combine the benefits of paid work with your wish to stay at home with your children? If so, you are joining a growing brigade of work at home wannabes. It is not difficult to come to the conclusion that working at home is right for you. I was sure that I didn’t want to leave my baby in daycare at the earliest opportunity as soon as my partner and I were trying to get pregnant. Yet, I also wanted to contribute to the household income and keep my brain busy.

Working at home might be an obvious solution but the question is – what are the best jobs for people like you? Work at home jobs can, I think, be divided into two categories. You either have to create your own business around your needs and interests, or do a job that can be carried out from any location.

Some Best Jobs for Work at Home Moms-

1. If you are a good writer and have expertise to offer, there are plenty of writing jobs on the internet. Article-writing jobs are out there, although you do need to search around for them. Depending on your education and experience, these jobs can offer a nice income. Online editing jobs are another nice option for moms looking for writing work and make money online from home.

2. Starting an online shop might be a wonderful opportunity for you – with the right marketing efforts and a knack for business, you can make a good income this way. Do be aware that online shops are not a “get rich quick” solution – they require a ton of hard work, and competition can be fierce.

3. Moms who enjoy looking after young children, and don’t mind adding a few more to their herd, might enjoy providing in-home daycare for a few other little ones. Plenty of parents prefer their children to be part of a family-like environment rather than sending them off to a more traditional daycare facility.

4. Working at home is easier for women in some professions than for others. If you are an accountant, for instance, you may well be able to work from home quite easily. Translators can take their pick from a large pool of online jobs, and some might be able to find tutoring jobs as well.

5. Are you crafty? If you are a knitter or enjoy sewing and do it well, you may be able to utilize your abilities to create a job. Crafty moms have quite a few options – you might be able to work for a local company, start your own shop, or sell on craft stores like etsy.

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