Killer SEO Tips for Beginners

killer SEO tipsSEO is a very simple, easy and time consuming process.  SEO is an acronym for “search engine optimization or search engine optimizer”, which gives us a series of clues and techniques to interpret the mode of operation search engines.

Some Killer SEO Tips for Beginners

1.  Content:-  Users can watch and read the websites but search engines can only read the programming code with which they are developed

2.  Indexability:-  This concept refers to the ownership of the page to be properly indexed by search engine robots, allowing access to all corners, facilitating navigation and showing all its contents clearly.

3.  Meta tags:-  It is the code in the header; it is not visible on screen when displaying the page.  They are several types of Mega tags

  • Meta Robots:  This tag is only necessary if you want that page is not indexed in search engines.
  • Meta Description:  This tag is important because it allows us to make a more profound than in a title, which we refer to page content.
  • Meta Keywords:  It is the most important one.

4.  Title:- Before entering into any other theme, it is very important to define a title.  It must make brief reference to the content of the page

5.  Description:-  Individual Short Description summarizes a brief and concise content of the document and that may appear below the title in the SERP’S(Search result page of search engines).

Some of the important tips to make your blog popular

  • Give a proper structure to your blog with a good introduction, body and conclusion. Remember the basic of English writing; make sure your articles are good and informative.
  • Use sub-headings and keep it in bullet form since it makes it easy for the readers.
  • You must also avoid using irrelevant link. This makes the readers get lost in the blog and wont make it till the end of your blog and they will get distracted with the content or else would be unnecessarily directed towards other blog.  Also they do not want to spend time solving the mystery of your blog.

A simple and attractive blog will fetch you many readers and appreciation. So Comments are always appreciated!!


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