Best Business Ideas for Stay at Home Moms

Many stay-at-home moms decide that starting up a business is one of the best options for them to both give their children the care that they need while securing a regular income. Rather than returning from maternity leave, more and more moms are deciding to open new businesses online. If you are looking for business ideas to inspire you, here are some of the top ways for mothers who are looking for new ways to make money.Business Ideas for Stay at Home Moms

Top Business Ideas for Stay at Home Moms

White Label CBD

CBD is a growing trend since its legalization, helping to potentially treat a number of common physical and mental health issues. Now, companies like Cope are offering products such as white label CBD gummies as a gateway into creating holistic healthcare-based businesses. This can help you to easily grow a business out of your own home. White label goods allow you to easily sell products to your own customers under a unique brand. However, the twist is that they will have been manufactured by another company, ensuring that you can skip the difficult stages of designing the perfect product for the mass market.

Online Tuition

With the rise of online revision websites and interactive portals, it was not long before online tuition became a popular way of consuming different subjects and syllabuses. Many stay-at-home moms will enjoy the possibilities of online tuition as you will be able to book your appointments around your own unique schedule. One of the most popular subjects in online tuition is English as a Foreign Language, as the internet can connect you with students from all over the world. However, you will need to develop a promotional website in order to create your own tuition business, and you should also consider creating webinars in addition to this.

Babysitting or Day Care

There is one skill which you will now be an expert at: parenting. Then, there are many motherhood-based businesses which you could consider setting up, from mom blogs and children’s book writing, to sleep consultants and parenting lessons. However, one of the most popular of these is creating a babysitting or day care center where you can apply your new skills and look after kids of all ages while their parents are at work throughout the day. Although you might want to babysit in other people’s homes at first, you should consider getting your day care license to enable you to expand your business in the future.

Handmade Goods

Why not turn your hobby into a business? If you are bored throughout your maternity leave or want to take up a new skill, you should consider setting up a business selling handmade goods. Many consumers are now looking for unique and personalized items to display in their houses, and, from furniture to jewelry, you can sell your products on third-party marketplaces, such as Etsy, and at craft fairs in your local area. Handmade goods can also include baking, and social media and your own website are great places to attract clients to your edible delights.


Another one of the best business ideas for stay at home Mom. There are many different types of consulting that can suit every new mother. From helping businesses to attract new customers with social media consulting to helping people to plan the event of a lifetime with event planning, consultants can provide the expertise and advice that clients are looking for to help them to improve many aspects of their business and personal life.