Investing In Special Occasions as Ways To Boost Sales

At any given point, you are going to be looking for ways to boost your sales.  And one way that you can use in a recurring manner is to invest in advertising about special occasions. People love special occasions! It makes them feel – special. And that’s why if you have discounts, rebates, or other promotions going on during these special events, you’ll see an uptick in your sales.Investing in special occasions

You can invest in advertising regarding monthly holidays, recurring sales events, anniversaries of products and services, or even customer appreciation days. A lot of these don’t even necessarily have to occur directly on the dates where they have really happened in the past – you can fudge the numbers to promote events on weekends rather than weekdays for example.

Monthly Holidays

When you use monthly holidays to advertise, you’re tapping into the psyche of the human ego. Who doesn’t want to buy something that’s on sale during Christmas? Who doesn’t want to feel like they are saving on a Thanksgiving special? Anytime there is any celebration or holiday, you can put a sale on. Trust me, you won’t be the only one! And depending on how your marketing goes, your clients may purchase your goods and services as a big package deal with other people’s as well.

Recurring Sales Events

Recurring sales events are another way that you can invest in special occasions. For example, every second Tuesday of the month you can have a sale on a certain category of item. An example of this might be how restaurants have “Taco Tuesdays.” The price doesn’t even have to be that much different. The point is that it is advertised as being a good deal. Recurring sales events can occur on a yearly or seasonal basis as well. Think of having an “everything must go” or “too much stock” sale to get people interested in your products.

Anniversaries of Products and Services

Then there are always anniversaries that you can celebrate, thereby promoting the products that are now one year older than they were before. For example, if a new kind of car came out in January of some year, the next January you could put on a big sale of that type of car and its new model. The potential for this kind of advertising is really limitless.

Customer Appreciation Days

And who can deny the draw of a customer appreciation day? By putting on a customer appreciation sale, not only are you tapping into the psychology of the consumer who believes he is an important part of your company, but you’re also creating a pathway for different types of financial conversions as well. As an example of this, you could say that once per year on customer appreciation day, a new kind of membership card will be available. Again, the more creative you get, the better your results are going to be.