Harlequin Property Were you one of the many affected?

There have been many concerns nowadays due to the investments of pension. As, many people are afraid of not using the retirement pension in the best way, So we created the site to support this category of people legally and socially, Therefore, We have many experts and consultants in this field and full knowledge of the rights of retirees from work and allow them to obtain the outstanding accruals from their companies and previous work.

We have a financial system and accurate accounting and not to take high amounts of customers as our site is supported and seeks for this class of retirees who want to benefit from the end of service reward and succession. As the government has sought to reduce the retirement pension from 25% to 20% and therefore we offer many services in medical insurance and investment of money in investment projects with some international banks.so some retired employees do not have the feeling of Mis-Sold Pension at all.

Investing in your future

To apply in this program we have to fill in the application and submitted and after that our legislators will see if your situation is eligible to claim or still need some clarity information too. As you may have heard we have the level of 4-Star on trust from our customers and the government as well. There are many people we have dealt with and we have met their requests. The purpose of the program (4U) is to recover stolen funds and shares from the people who are suing on the international stock exchanges and operations of the monument until it sometimes comes to pay large sums of compensation to the injured person.

The program is called SIPP deal with people who are suffering from same categories such as, health and medical issues, some wrong information and commercial appeals too. The program started in 1989 and remained in the government as an organization and its main services were to provide assistance and advice to people who put their money in government projects and then have to sell and lose it.

However, this program is approved compensation plan for capital assets of individuals and complaints to organizations to make sure People invest in a safe and stable place. This program serves also Harlequin as some people start to mortgage their homes and properties in order to obtain a resort on the sea from the property of Harlequin company where a gain rate of up to 90% in England, where so far the number of beneficiaries of this project several thousand, not only this but also, Where the policy of this project depends on investment in Britain or abroad, such as Brazil and the Dominican Republic in the tourist resorts where the number of tourists to reach the profit rate fictional. Therefore, if you are a victim of this project and cannot recover your property or money, we commit ourselves as a pioneer in recovering looted funds from individuals and companies with nominal remuneration. We demand financial compensation for the entrepreneurs of the phantom projects. So please fill in the inquiry and we will start your harlequin claims to retain your rights and pensions as well.