Accident Claim Calculator: How Much Will You Get?

Accident-Claim-CalculatorEven with a simple personal injury claim, you have to prove that an organisation or another person is responsible for your injury. Reputable personal injury solicitors can help you make a claim and receive 100% compensation for your injury on a no win no fee basis.

The amount of compensation varies from case to case, so it’s advisable to use a simple accident claim calculator to come up with the compensation amount according to the severity of your  personal injury.

Head injury compensation

Depending on the consequences, head injury compensations vary from £1,000 for minor injuries to £36,000 for eye injuries. Compensations paid for minor head injuries are up to £8,400, while minor brain injuries can bring up to £28,000 in compensation.

Neck injury compensation

While minor soft tissue injury claims normally result in compensations of up to £5,150, up to £97,000 is paid for severe neck injuries. Whiplash is one of the most frequent injuries caused by car accidents. But to receive compensation for it, it’s important to use medical reports and witness statements to establish someone responsible.

Upper and lower body injury compensation

It’s possible to receive £2,500 for a minor back injury and up to £111,000 for a severe one. Hip injuries result in compensations of £2,600 for a minor injury with a complete recovery to £86,000 for severe cases.

Arm and leg injury compensation

Compensations for arm and leg injuries are up to £90,000, depending on the consequences. Figures from Lancashire Telegraph show that this type of injuries is commonplace at Lancashire schools which have paid out £1.2 million compensation over the past six years. For instance, £11,414 was paid out to a pupil who had his arm broken during a trampoline lesson.

Foot injury compensation

The range of compensation for foot injuries varies from £1,000 for a minor ankle injury to £132,000 for the most serious cases. A pupil received £2,250 for a foot injury caused by a stack of tables that fell on his foot.

General compensation amounts are estimated in accordance with the degree of pain suffering and loss of amenity of the victim so these figures may differ from case to case.


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