Host1Plus VPS Hosting Review – The Best VPS Hosting in the Market

Web hosting makes up a great big market online as more and more individuals and businesses are making their appearance marked on the World Wide Web. The internet is expanding everyday with the increase in the number of websites. Hundreds and thousands of websites are started every day and they add up to what we already know about the internet.

As a webmaster you need to choose the best web hosting company in order to keep your website online. There are different types of web hosting services that you can use. There is shared hosting in which one has to share their server along with others who have shared their site on the same server as well. You share all resources including bandwidth, storage as well as CPU with other websites/accounts in this hosting.

Then there’s VPS hosting that we are going to talk about in detail in this post and then there is dedicated hosting which is suitable for those who want to host their own stuff on a single server that is dedicated to them and only them.

In this post we will talk about Host1Plus VPS Hosting and see how good they actually are in real world performance. We will also compare their plans.

What is VPS Hosting?

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server and this is a server type that is suitable for those who want more resources to themselves and this type of hosting is more powerful as compared to a shared hosting as in shared servers you have to share every bit of resource with others.

In VPS you have a certain configuration at your own disposal that you can use and dedicate towards as many websites as you want to.

VPS servers are created on a single system by means of virtualization and you can have a certain share of the system resources that you can use. The system’s resources are partitioned and multiple different systems can be virtualized on a single system.

You can partition RAM, storage, and CPU resources etc. using virtualization.

About Host1Plus – Introduction

Host1Plus was started back in 2008 and they have been providing great service to all their customers. They not only sell VPS hosting but they also have great service when it comes to shared hosting, reseller hosting, dedicated hosting, domain selling as well as SEO services that they provide.

I have been trying their VPS hosting since a long time and they truly have one of the best servers as well as support staff in the hosting industry.

Talking about their support staff, they have a really great pool of IT professionals who certainly know their stuff and they are also experts in their departments.

Let us take a look at what hosting plans do they have to offer when it comes to VPS.

Host1Plus VPS Hosting Plans

Host1Plus VPS Hosting ReviewAs I mentioned above, VPS hosting is provided by performing virtualization of servers and then these virtualized systems are sold as VPS. These types of servers are great for usage if you need a bit more system power as compared to shared hosting.

You can choose from many configurations that Host1Plus provides and all these plans are scalable so if in future you need more powerful servers, you won’t have to go through a hefty migration process.

Hosting Plans by Host1Plus

When it comes to hosting plans, Host1Plus mainly has 4 plans to offer and they are all suitable for different kind of needs. Personally I have been using their Gold and Platinum plans for several of my websites and so far they have been great and all my websites are performing really well without any glitches.

Take a look at the plans in the table below.Host1Plus VPS Hosting Review


Host1Plus is one of the best VPS hosting providers I have ever tried and they also have a great support staff which will respond to your queries and problems as soon as they can.

Their plans for VPS hosting are great and you can choose any one of them considering they are suitable for your needs. Host1Plus is truly one of the best hosting providers you will find.