Website Designers? Stop And Check What’s New?

website designerIf you are a website designer, you might have asked the same question several times, i.e. why are designers so obsessed with apple products? An easy answer to these questions is that some things are made to live forever.

Who doesn’t like to use the simplest and the most appealing technology in today’s life. There are number of other applications that you might enjoy more. Some of the must have applications have been discussed below. Have a look at them and decide which applications appeal you the most.

Adobe Photoshop Express
web designing toolsTake the editing ease of editing and sharing photos through This is the software that allows you to edit photos more than simple editors. At the same time it also lets you upload, view and share your photos with your friends, families and fellows.

Analytics Pro
website designer
Google Analytics™ is the only application that has all features which you have always desired. It offers you everything that you wish to use while you are on a move.

beejive web designing toolIt is a feature rich and multiprotocol messaging client that outcompetes any other chat program offered in the application store.

Billings Touch
billings_touch_web_designing_toolsIf you are a freelancer, you will find the best options here. You can find number of tracking and invoicing applications here to be used.

Color Expert
color_expert_web_designing_toolHave you been looking for a colorful scheme with additional color wheels? Well Color expert is the right choice for you.  You will find number of powerful and interactive color wheels here which you can enjoy. The color schemes here include Monochromatic, Analogous, Complementary, Split Complementary and Triadic schemes. In addition to that you can also add custom colors to any scheme. These Color palettes include ideals for RGB, CMYK and Library values.

CSS Cheat Sheet
CSS Cheat Sheet website designerThis application has been specially designed for iPhone and iPod. Normal developers need to go through a refreshing course in the properties CSS from time to time, in order to keep then updated.

ibluesky tools for web designerIf you want little or more brain storming or mind mapping, there is no better choice than iBlueSky. You can collect and manipulate any idea from your minds and email complete projects of yours to your contacts in different formats. Mainly you have to follow PDF and PNG formats. You can even print a hard copy through a PDF formatted file.
Keep searching for more options in these genera and keep enjoying your work.