Web hosting Tips to Eliminate Downtime Worries While Shifting Host

web hosting tipsDepending in the circumstances, which you never know will arise and will lead you to face some critical problems. It is the situation when time comes that you have to switch your web hosting service provider for no obvious reasons. Previously when web site owners though this tack to be tedious and scary but with changing technology you can easily change your website provider. First thing, which you have to make sure while moving from one provider to another is to never erase or delete your account from the present host until you have completely moved to the new server. You will have to keep the account until you make sure that the services on new server and at new host are fully functional.

Web hosting tips to keep your Website Without downtime while shifting host

  • Chose the new web host considering all the final element and requirements, Choose the package and payout the new web host to make sure you have successfully register with the new service provider.
  • Back up all your files from the old account, with FTP Client this process is fairly simple make sure after taking back up of all your data and files you do not cancel the account.
  • Upload all the copied and downloaded files to your new account but using the FTP client transfer and upload the backups using the new host FTP.
  • Create new mail accounts when it comes to changing your domain names and sever addresses. To prevent any loss of emails you will have to create the new mail addresses similar to that you had with the previous service provider.
  • Checking all the files and links on your new hosts sever by individually checking every file and link and to do it in simple way you will have to create a short time URL. Most of the web hosting service providers provides you with temporary URL creation to check your website. You can also try to create a sub domain of another URL address and directing it to your new web address by mirroring.
  • When you have checked all the elements correctly on your new host’s server then you can change your Domain Name Server (DNS). The new web host will provide you their DNS settings at no extra cost. In order to change the DNS you must register a domain name either with registrar or by logging on in to cPanel and renaming the DNS server in it.
  • Now you will have to wait for DNS change, which will take around 24-28 hours, but your website, is still on Internet provided by the previous web-hosting provider. After the propagation of new DNS, your site will be hosted through the new web hosting company.
  • After about 24 hours when your new DNS is generated and you are able, to visualize the performance of your new website on new host you can delete the account with the previous webhosting company.

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