Web Designing- a Key Factor in Digital Marketing

digital marketingThe emergence of the internet has changed the face of marketing. Now marketing is no more what it used to be a few decades ago, it has become digital marketing. In the present times, a business needs to pay emphasis on the digital marketing aspect to cope up with the keen competition in the world of business. Research shows that around 82% of customers purchase things after researching well online. This proves the importance of digital marketing. We are living in a time when if a certain company does not have a website, most of the people would not know that it exists. Website is a major tool for digital marketing.

Website plays a significant role in the promotion of your business. Designing a website is not a big deal. But designing a website the gives the exact information that the customer wants, is certainly a challenging task. A website is something, looking at which the customer forms the first impression about you and your business. If the customer does not like your website, he/she would never visit it again; forget about visiting your company to avail your services. Below given are some tips that would help you to design an effective website.

The Pages Should be Structured.

Some web pages have a large number of css files and grid layouts. The web pages should not be packed with grids. They only make it complex and hard to understand. Ideal grid layouts are 960.gs and 1 kb grid, as they help to arrange the information in a proper structure and make it easier to follow.

Too Many Boxes Should Not be There.

Having too many boxes on a webpage make it complex. By looking at such a page, the customer would not be able to concentrate on a single thing. It actually makes the customer crazy. So, such features should be avoided.

Emphasis Should be Paid on the Important Things.

Your website is build to sell some particular product. More space should be give to the information regarding that product, instead of other things. Ensure that the customer can focus to the most important details in your website. Keep aside other things.

Do not Have Irrelevant Advertisements on Your Website.

Focus more on your content and less on extra ads. Ads take up a lot of space and distract the customer. The customer may even forget what he came for to your website. So, ensure that the content gets more place and focus.

Select Appropriate Colors for Your Website.

Chose proper color depending upon your business. Websites dealing with food items may have bright colors, but if a website is teaching you ways to meditate, it should have lighter colors. Also do not make your website extremely colorful with numerous colors. This only irritates your visitor.

Keep Your Website Simple.

Visitors stick to simpler websites whereas avoid complex ones. For example, if a sign up form has too many fields; your visitor is likely to leave your website. On the other hand, you visitor will sign up for a form having lesser fields. Try to keep things as simple as possible.


Thus, designing your website well is a key strategy for digital marketing. Proper website design helps to attract customers to your website. This will eventually lead to the sale of your products, and growth of your business.

Alex Mathew is a proficient author writing articles on Digital Marketing and other similar topics. He contributes regularly for marketing agencies leeds.

Description: A good website can help you to get noticed among thousands of others out there. Website is a powerful tool for digital marketing, so it must be designed well.