10 Websites for Freelance Writers to Make Money

Websites for Freelance WritersFreelance writing is a very poorly paid job unless you are a published author. Nevertheless, some people do it whilst they are between jobs. If you are not a well-known and published author, then the jobs you take on will be very low paid, so you will really need to speed up your output rate. If you cannot write very quickly and in bulk, then you are going to have trouble making money. If you are looking to dip your toe into a bit of freelance writing, then try a few of the websites listed below.

1. ODesk

This is a website that allows you to look through hundreds of job postings that were placed by people who want some jobs doing for them. Many of them are writing jobs, and so if you fill out a profile and add a few details about yourself, then there is a chance someone may employ you. You need to make contact with people via the jobs that they post, and tell them why you would be perfect for the job.

2. Craigslist
Craigslist has become a forum for people selling stuff and finding anonymous sex, but it has also grown into a little bit of a freelancing site too. You can find freelance jobs on a massive variety of things, from fitting carpets to writing articles. There is not really any protection from being conned on this website, but the same is true for most freelancing sites, as many of their fraud protection policies are useless.

3. Elance

This is a website where you are able to set up a profile, and then take free tests to prove how good you are. They allow you to take tests on written English, Grammar and a whole host of other things. Your results are then published on your profile, so that when you tell people how good you are at something, you have the test results to prove it. There are a few jobs listed on Elance that you may like to try.

4. Freelancer

This is a site where people place jobs online and you have to bid for them. The posting party will then choose the bid that suits them. This is currently populated by people from other countries, so if you are looking into getting a bit of highly paid work, you are looking in the wrong place. Many of the users are from different countries but are flying a British, Canadian or American flag on their profile so that people believe they are native English speakers. They are able to undercut your bids on jobs and will often work for a few cents per hundred words.

5. Textbroker

This is a website where jobs are posted on a board and you have to pick the one you want to write and then write about it. You have a time limit, which is usually 24 hours. The price is pre-determined, so all you have to do is write it and submit it within the time limit. Of course, the person who posted the advert is able to reject your work if he or she wishes.

6. Suite 101
This is a website where you may receive a little bit of exposure as a writer. You are able to post something similar to an online CV and call it your profile. You are then able to get work from people who are looking for a writer of your caliber. It is okay for people who have a very specific field that they like to write about.

7. Demand studio

This is a lot like the other freelancing sites, where you have to look through the jobs that are posted and then try to convince the posting party to pick you for the job. The only difference is that this website likes you to tell the world what area of writing you do the best. Then they will only let you look at writing jobs in your field. You can get around this by setting up lots of profiles (one or two for each area) so that you can see all the available jobs.

8. WiseGeek

The articles you post to this site will not be high paid, because they only exist to make affiliate money. All you need to do is submit your article, and then as people search for answers, they may come across your article. If they then go on to click your affiliate advertising, you are paid a little bit of money.

9. Helium

This is a little bit like Wise Geek, except that your articles on Helium are more likely to appear on the Google search engine results pages. All you need to do is upload your article and then you are paid affiliate money if the article is heavily attended and some people click the adverts. The affiliate advert revenue is shared between you and the Helium website.

10. BreakStudios
This is run by the same people who run DemandStudios, so you should expect a lot of similarities. In fact, the only real difference is the fact that you have to be a US citizen to write articles for it, and that it currently has a very strong male market niche for articles. Other than that, you would probably think you were on DemandStudios, especially since they ask you to write for a certain field/discipline when you write articles.

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