The Best Methods to Optimize your WordPress Security

wordpress securityOptimizing your security on WordPress is an absolute necessity and there are many ways to go about this. WordPress is an important platform that has served marketers help their businesses flourish by allowing them to promote it. For the very same reason, it has been a favorite site for hackers. Its huge success translates to more hackers willing to break through its tight security.

A couple of the WordPress sites are not very well known for their security, which makes them easy prey for hackers to break into them. These hackers then steal away the traffic and important details from such sites. Hence, it is of utmost importance that you look into and select the best of the WordPress security available.

If you are looking to optimize your WordPress security, then here is some quality help:

  • Strong passwords:

This is probably the most essential of all security measures for any site, You have to select a strong and unthinkable set of passwords. Never let them have less than 10 characters and use a combination of special characters and numbers along with alphabets. These decrease the chance of their discovery. Also, ‘admin’ is the most commonly used username and hence must be avoided.

  • Best of the plugins:

This is one of the keys to make sure that your site flourishes. But keep in mind to not use too many plugins as this will only slow down your site. Do not rely on third party providers as their code is not always the best when it comes to security and may be a passageway for hackers. Put a lot of thought into choosing only the best of the available plugins for your site.

  • Backup your content:

It is always advised that you back up all the content of your WP site to increase your security. Store a copy of it on your computer or elsewhere off your site. Doing this is very essential for security reasons. Have one copy at least of all your content somewhere for safety reasons. Take the necessary steps to do so at the earliest.

  • Install the Firewall Plugin:

Installing this plugin is necessary as it analyzes all of your web requests and identifies those that could pose a threat to your site now or in the future.

  • Size of logos and headers:

Do not let the size of your logos and headers exceed 125 pixels as they will else occupy too much of viewing space, especially when your site is being viewed by a person on a laptop. Follow the example of the big and successful industries to make things better by simplifying them. You have to consider reducing the sizes of your logos and headers.

  • Update your site to the latest WP versions:

By updating your site regularly, you will be optimizing an maximizing its security in all aspects. The latest WP versions do away with the most commonly seen glitches in the older ones. The newer versions are better as they are free of the anomalies of the older ones, which implies that it only gets header and tougher for hackers to infiltrate through your security with each newer version. All you have to do is to make sure that you get the latest WP versions for your site.

  • Do away with the default admin account:

Keeping your default admin account could act as a threat to your WP site and hence you must delete it. You must replace it with a new admin account. Create a new one first and then delete your older one.

By following the simple tips mentioned above, you can increase your WordPress security tremendously. Ensuring better security helps you attain a better peace of mind and your business will flourish better. Establishing strong security is one of the first things you have to do. Just make use of the best methods to go about this tedious task.