What to Expect in Post Production – and How to Select a Post Production Partner for Your Needs

So you have already gone through the process of shooting a video – and mind you, this process is never easy. But you can now utter a sigh of relief knowing that your video is well on its way to becoming a video that stands out. However, there’s still one more step you have to go through: post production.How to Select a Post Production PartnerIn post production, you need a partner who can take care of the various aspects of video editing, graphics, and other factors that will complete your video and result in a final product that is more than worth it. So the big question is; how do you select the right post production partner for your needs?

Determine what it is you need

First of all, you need to know that different video productions will require different tools, techniques, and strategies. For instance, if you have a documentary or factual corporate video, then you would probably need access to archival images and footage as well as good sound and music elements, especially if your video has a number of voice-overs and interviews. If, on the other hand, you have come up with a reality video, then you would need a post production company which can provide you with enough storage availability as well as offline capability. For a dramatic video, meanwhile, you may need a post production firm which can offer you the right tools in the grading of colour and nice graphics.

The first thing you should do, then, is assess your own video and determine what it needs – is it good graphics, good sound or audio quality, good animation, or good editing and organising? Once you have determined what it is that your video needs, it will be easier to choose the best post production partner for your requirements.

Estimate your budget for the post production service

Another major consideration is your budget. If you have limited resources, you can look for a post production firm which can work with you and negotiate a more flexible deal and terms. But you have to be prepared to shell out a certain amount for post production, especially if you want your video to impart the right message and make a better impact.

Choose a post production partner with the right location and hours of operation

One other consideration in choosing the right post production firm is its location (unfortunately, this is a consideration we don’t often think about until it is too late). But imagine this: you have to visit the post production office regularly, so you have to make sure that its location is easily accessible and convenient for you. If you are in London, for example, then it only follows that you opt for a post production outfit in the same area, such as www.rawproductions.tv, so it will not contribute to additional time and expense whenever you have to visit them.

You also have to consider the post production company’s operating hours. Do they have operating hours that can fit well with your own schedule? If you have time only at night, for instance, then it would be best to choose a post production company which is ready and willing to stay up with you.

But the experts at http://www.rawproductions.tv agree that even if you have the most brilliant video ever – someone jumping off a plane and skydiving, for instance – without the right post production elements and partner, your video may not be able to get off the ground.


Image: RG_Skydive