How to Get Great Content for Cheap

great contentOnce we create a website, we realize how important content is. With content, we have more opportunities to be found in the search engines, more opportunities to get people to view our site, and with those – we can usually benefit financially.  It’s usually said, the more visits; the more money.

If you want to dish out lots of content, but don’t always have the time to write article after article, it’s time to ask for help.  You can find great content from several people; it’s just the cost that might scare you away.  Yes, you usually need to spend money to make money, but you don’t have to spend a lot.  Here are a few ways you can find great content for a cheap price!

4 Great Ways to Find Cheap Content:

Start with guest posting:  There are several websites out there such as BloggerLinkUp, as well as MyBlogGuest that allow website owners to find people to guest post for them.  This is free, easy and all you owe them is a link back to their site.  This is a win win for both of you, and as I’ve already said – it’s free!

Outsource to other countries:  Another great way to find great content is by finding other countries where the American dollar is worth more than theirs.  This means they will work for cheaper, and they will appreciate the amount of money you’re giving them.  Outsourcing is the way to go!

Do a reciprocal agreement:  Another thing you can do is agree to write a guest post for someone, and then have them write a post for you.  You can both put a link back to your site, and it will benefit both of you while being free.

Advertise on your site:  Today, lots of people are having a specific tab just for writers.  You may be surprised that your audience, as well as people seeking a writing opportunity; are looking for places to write.  So, post a place on your site explaining that you’ll take their content as long as they follow certain guidelines.

With these tips, you can either find regular writers through outsourcing to other countries, or you can find people to write for you on a one time basis for free.  All in all, these are all great ways to find content for cheap, or better yet, free!

This is a guest post written by the writer of, a website that states the price of just about anything.