How to Promote Your Blog Through Social Media

Promote Your Blog Through Social MediaIf you’re like a lot of people nowadays, you’re looking for new and inventive ways of promoting a business. It could be something as simple as a hobby or craft that you hope will take off or as in depth as a corporate start-up. Whatever your idea or product, offering it for sale on the Internet is the modern equivalent of door-to-door sales…and it’s a proven fact that social media can drive traffic to your website. Following are a few tips on how to promote your blog through social media.

How to Promote Your Blog

Your Website Needs to be Discovered

The first thing to be concerned about when trying to promote your website is to realize you must come up with a way for people to know it exists. Then you need to find a way to drive traffic to the website. After that you must get them to return over and over again. Finally, you need to get those people to do your marketing for you by spreading the word about your website. Social media is one of the best ways of accomplishing all four phases of your website promotional campaign.

Join a Social Network

There are a variety of social networks in cyberspace, but not all are suited for any given type of business or enterprise. Some social media, such as LinkedIn, are aimed specifically at creating connections between business orientated people. MySpace features a lot of people that are interested in the arts, while Facebook and Twitter attract a diverse cross section of humanity. Many people belong to only one social network, while others opt to join any and all. It would probably be a good idea to do some online research to determine which one will serve you best. Asking your friends and relatives which social networks they belong to, and what attracts them to that particular one, is a good way to decide which one will work best for you. While you’re talking to them, ask them what they don’t like about that particular media. It will give you insight as to what not to do.

Be Creative with Your Biography

Most people have a short attention span when they’re online. If they aren’t immediately intrigued by what they’re seeing or reading they tend to move on quickly. They also like short videos and a lot of photos. Your biography on whichever social network you choose should grab people’s attention, and keep it, at least long enough for them to stick around for a few minutes. Keep your company’s bio short and to the point, but don’t be boring. Using long drawn out sentences is a turn off. The idea is to make them notice your product and want to learn more about it, this is where using photos and videos will help. Once you’re established on a social network, encourage visitors to comment on your product or service. Be friendly, and share ideas and thoughts that solicit questions or observations.

Search for Friends

The great thing about social networks is that they do a great job of helping you become socially connected. That’s their purpose, and they do it very well. After you’ve established your social media account and posted an interesting bio, it’s time to start making connections. Search the social media network for old friends and acquaintances that may be interested in what you have to say and the website you’re trying to promote. Connect with them and try and get them interested in what you’re promoting. They will be your best advertisement for your website and ultimately for your product or service.

Keep Them Coming Back

In order for a social media campaign to work, your website must be attractive enough not only to grab a visitor’s attention, but to keep them coming back. The Internet is a valuable resource for selling products and services, but it has its own unique way of working. A website must be easy to navigate around, simple to understand, and informative. If your website has these features, it will make using social media a viable option in your promotional blitz. The two go hand in hand–one feeds off the other. If your social network promotion is thought provoking it will drive traffic to your website, and if the website is attention-grabbing, people will return not only to the website, but to your social media page as well.

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