Getting More People to Comment on Your Blog Posts

how to get more commentsWhy do you want people to comment on your blog posts? There are plenty of reasons. When readers comment, they are actively participating in the conversation, and are more likely to keep returning to the site and recommend the site to other people. Your blog suddenly becomes the forum through which people are having engaging discussions. These comments can also help you determine the directions in which you should take your blog. So, how do you get readers to jump into the action and start leaving comments?

One way to do so is to ask your readers very direct questions. A very effective way to get larger numbers of responses is to ask a question in the title of the blog post, and reword the question again toward the conclusion of the post. By having the question in the title of the post, your reader begins forming his or her response right from the beginning. As they read your information, they become more invested in their own thoughts and responses, and therefore, more likely to share them in your comments section.

Getting more comments can also be as simple as asking your readers to leave them. People respond to direct calls to action. This means not just saying, things such as I would really appreciate it if you would leave a comment below. A call to action is directly telling your readers: Comment on this post. Phrases with direct instructions are more likely to trigger responses.

Another way to increase the number of comments you receive is to comment on the post yourself after other people have commented. Your readers appreciate it when you acknowledge their participation, and join the dialogue. You can thank them for commenting, ask follow up questions, or simply respond to their opinions. This is a great way to make connections with visitors who will become loyal readers.

Lastly, you should make it easy for people to comment on your blog posts. In most cases, if readers need to have a special log in to comment, they are going to pass on the opportunity. There are plenty of Premium WordPress themes that can make your commenting process very streamlined and simple for your visitors. It has become increasingly popular to allow visitors to post comments directly from their social media sites. The key is to keep the commenting experience on your website inviting, fun, open, and easy to navigate. You will soon be seeing some great discussions on your posts.

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