10 Tips and Tricks You Must Know To Master Instagram

Master InstagramInstagram has suddenly appeared on everyone’s screens since it was taken over by Facebook recently. Suddenly, Facebook and Twitter are plastered with photos shared from Instagram as more and more people join the photo sharing app. The app makes photo sharing easy with friends and followers alike. You can follow those whose photos you like; it’s similar to Twitter, but photos!

Take your pictures using the camera app. This will help your achieve that perfect shot and allow you to use the iPhone’s HDR function as well, which is really useful for landscape photos or still shots. It’s really good for those sunny times as well. Make use of the functions also available on your device! You can only do this if you take your pictures through the app first – just a tip.

There are tons of photo apps out there and to get the best out of your shots you need a photo editing app. A highly recommended one is Snapseed for your photo needs as this makes editing really simple. There are loads of features that are useful as well like being able to rotate photos and grab the bits that you like the best.

A similar app is Camera Awesome. It’s really cool and to top it off – it is free. This app really takes your photos to the next level and means you can get sharper, better exposed shots. The fact that the app is free can only mean that it’s well worth a try.

There are some really cool apps that will allow you to improve your shots easily; it is just a case of looking and finding the best one for you. You can enhance your photos with lenses and Olloclip, which is a great app and comes highly recommended.

Follow the people you find interesting and those people that share your interests. Follow family and friends and see what cool shots they can produce. Learn from those already doing it! There are hundreds of influential people on the site, including your favourite celebrities. This means there is always something fun to take a look at! Follow those that you admire and take inspiration from what others can produce.

You can easily find the people who will be of most interest to you by browsing around a bit. Have a look at the people you are following and see who they are following; you may find some people or photographers of interest there. Looking at whom your followers are following can also be good for finding family and friends. Use the other tools available to find people with similar interests as well; like the hashtag.

Be sure to find those who really do interest you because they will be the ones that show up on your feed! Make sure you are on everyone else’s feeds; for those in the market for a SIM contract, Sim-Only.co.uk have plan and pricing comparison for SIM only contracts so you can get the best for your iPhone and broadband needs.

Use apps like Frame Magic to combine your photos and make some cool collages! Youcan find apps to give you the authentic photo booth look with a strip of photos, or youcan just mix a few together for a few memories all in one.

If you are going to use the hashtag feature, don’t overdo it. Hashtags are a great tool andcan find you the people you will have most in common with so too many will just spoil the fun! You can search hashtags to find those people and images that will be the most interesting and inspiring for you.

Your photos can be seen all over the web so make sure they are the best! Make use of all those apps available. There are literally thousands of apps which mean the user can do so much with their snaps. Make collages and edit your photos as much as you like.

Instagram is a growing trend and a social network for the photographer in you. There are plenty of ways to improve your photos with hundreds of apps readily available for editing and extra features en-shoot.