Free Currency Conversion Tools

free currency conversion toolsWelcome back to EarningDiary. Today I am sharing 5 free online currency conversion tools which will help you to convert foreign currency to your local currency. With this tools you can convert money between all worldwide major currencies using up to date exchange rates.

1. Unit Conversion:- UNIT CONVERSION is world’s one of the most popular online currency converter. This site loads quickly and is so simple. After selecting the foriegn currency and local currency the conversion result immediately appears in the output box.

2.Gocurrency:-GO CURRENCY is one of the oldest currency converter tools and service provider. This converter is updated regularly after
every 20 minutes. This handy tool can be added to any website for free.

3.XE:-XE is the world’s most popular and favorite currency and foreign exchange site. This site provides lots of features for currency
conversion. Cross Currency table is updated every 15 minutes.

4.Free Currency Converter:-This free currency converter tool supports 124 currencies with up to date exchange rates provided from leading market data contributors. This site is very fast and also have a easy to use converter tool.

5.Currency Rates:-CURRENCY RATES is another free and easy to use currency converter. This tool can be easily added to any website or blog. Quick currency converter tool help you to get your result quickly.

If you know about any other useful free currency converter tools, don’t forget to share in our comment section. Thanks for reading.