Easy Tips to Syndicate Your Article in More Websites

Syndicate Your Article in More Websites Syndicating your articles can be defined as the process of distributing your articles to multiple sources at the same time. By doing this, you will get large number of visitors to your content and that will automatically increase your online visibility.

By syndicating your websites, you get countless number of benefits. But, the trick is how you do it. The following is a set of simple tips that will help you to get your articles syndicated in multiple websites.

Write more, increase you’re the number of words

Some might say that writing more will reduce your chances of getting syndicated but it is only a modern day myth. For instance, go to some famous article submission forums and take one article off a famous writer. You will see that it has more no. of words than the articles submitted by others.

When webmasters are trying to find content for their sites, they usually prefer something that is lengthy. The reason is simple. You see, the lengthy article will obviously cover all the aspects of a particular topic than the short one. So, selecting the lengthy article will save the webmasters valuable amount of time.

Use your sense of humor

You should not write your article for the crawlers and robots. Keep in mind that real people will be reading your articles and try to entertain them.

Use puns, metaphors and your sense of humor to make your articles interesting.

Take a stand

Now, no one wants to read dead news right? The articles of a particular happening will be readable only if you add a new element into it. So, try to be controversial and make the article interesting.

Give a new perspective to the issue in hand and that will intrigue the readers to come back again and again. Always remember that “any publicity is good publicity”.

Don’t try to get profit out of them

Nobody wants to read articles that are filled with keywords. These articles might get you indexed in search engines but they will not get you syndicated.

In order to get syndicated, your articles should have quality. Their CTR (Click through rate) might not be high but they will still get indexed in top notch websites.

Following up is very essential

After you write an article, find out which website has syndicated that. Now, contact the people at that website and offer them more ‘original’ work. Most probably, they will agree. Now, post the new article in your website and e-mail them the indexed link of the article.

I have firsthand experience of trying this particular method out and yes, I got some success. I noticed from the stats tab of the particular article directory I use to post my articles; that many of the articles that I submitted promoting my discount coupon blog giving away ps print gift code and diamonds USA coupon code were syndicated to a particular website. I got in touch with the owner of that particular website and requested him to publish more articles linking my website. He readily agreed and I ended up getting more link backs from his website.

Social Media Websites

Having a strong reader base in social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter will increase the traffic to your articles. With increased traffic come increased chances of getting syndicated. Also, the social media websites will get you new readers who might be connected with your current readers.

If you follow all the above steps, your chances of getting your articles syndicated will increase sharply. So, what are you waiting for? Start writing articles that are syndication ready right now!

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