6 Ways to Increase Your Facebook Fans

increase your facebook fansFacebook, a site with 400 Million active users has become the best place to hangout these days it can be used professionally as well. It is good to create a fan page for your product/service to promote. Just because you have created a fan page on Facebook, you are not going to get all of your friends like it or invite new fans. You need to be smart to make your like or fan page work for you.

Follow these six most important things that you need to do to increase your Facebook fans, believe me these steps worked like a gem for all my fan pages.

1. Use Facebook widgets and Plugins:

Facebook has a number of widgets and Plugins that you can use to connect the regular visitors and readers to know that you have a fan page on Facebook, which will be updating the latest status of your and your process. A few of the options that Facebook provides you are connect to gain access to your website by using Facebook Connect, your exclusive Facebook badge that carries your like button. Believe me, this is the best possible way to increase your fan base as there are high possibility to get the page liked from your readers. This is the way I use to get targeted and healthy fans for my Medifast discounts and Nutrisystem coupons blog. Now Facebook is also offering an exclusive email id for you.

2. Invite your e-mail and Ezine subscribers:

If you are going to promote yourself using an opt-in email list, then do promote your Facebook account by using your email invitations. You must have your own Facebook badge with an encouraging and welcome note asking the readers to join you. Give the freedom to those who join your page with an opportunity to share their opinions and send you ideas, suggestions and words of encouragement.

3. Suggest to friends:

The best way is to let your friends know of your page and soon you will find how many of them are true friends as they will not like to say a ‘no’ for a small request that will involve no money, time and effort, except for accepting your request, which of course is only a fraction of a second. This way you will be able to be connected to your friends’ network, and thereby the chances of increasing the number of fans on your Facebook are sure to be much higher. Ask your friends to invite their friends as well this will create a big community.

4. Advertise your fan page on Facebook:

One of the rigorous ways to promote your page on Facebook is to use the advertising option on Facebook. There are two types of advertisers: your fan page and your products/services. Choosing through the advertising wizard will let you know how you can promote your Fan page in Facebook using the Facebook campaigns. Of course this will involve some amount of money so take a cautious decision.

5. Add to your e-mail signature:

When you begin your Facebook fan page, start adding the links to your email signature like the below,


You will never know how powerful your email signatures could turn out to be that the number of fans will automatically be prompted to sneak into your fan page out of simple human tendency of being curious.

6. Use and create activities:

This is one of the conventional ways to increase the fan numbers that you will find out by yourself those conducting contests, polls and give away contests will automatically find themselves increasing the number of fans on your Facebook fan page. Some of those doing businesses would like to promote fan page for their products can tempt potential customers with freebies and samples if they become members of your fan page. You can also give prizes for contests, and can get feedback to aid in improving your fan page. This method is the recommended method by Facebook.

These are some of the important ways to increase the number of fans in your Facebook fan page, if you know anything else then do add it!!

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This is a guest post by Rahul. Rahul is Technology lover and a fitness advocate who is associated with WeightLossTriumph. His site features stories of successful dieters and reviews of popular diet programs.

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