Play FarmTown on Facebook, Quick And Easy Guide

play farmtown on facebookCreate a Facebook account and search for Farm Town application. Allow an access to the application and let it take you to the Farm Town page where easy and step-by-step instructions on how to go around the application are shown.

On the first level, a “farmer” (player) starts plowing fields with the hoe button, buying seeds with the store button, and harvesting with the scythe button. All harvests are gathered into your “shed”, a button that you can also click on when you’d want to sell some of those harvests to the market in exchange for more coins. It is a game/cycle of planting seeds and selling harvests for more coins, and your level goes up as you play. There are also other ways to reach higher levels. One is a farmer can also hire other workers that can help you harvest your field who in return receive and ample amount of coins. Merely hiring them also lets you get extra 25% for every crop others harvest for you.

Another way of getting more is to invite your FB friends to play Farm Town and add them up as your buddy, since your FB friends playing Farm Town do not automatically fall under your buddy list like they do on Pet Society. You only get to visit their farms once they are on your buddy list. Watch your coin count go up for every visit you make to their farms. Enjoy virtual interaction by watering their crop, raking weeds, sending them gifts such as animals, which are useful for crowding farms, and trees for growing more crops. The gifts you send and receive are also sellable to the market, thus increasing the help you give and get. It’s so much like living in a real community where relationships are based on dealing with and helping each other. Do frequent visits and this will let you get all 8 Farm Town Trophies!

In Farm Town, some real-life facts apply. The more coins (money) you get, the more options are put out for you. On every level you reach are more items unlocked. That would be more choices of seeds and farm accessories to buy. They may cost more than the previous ones, but coin count grows too, so it will not be hard to catch up! Reach level 15 and you will not only get to buy yet newer items, but you also get to have your farm expanded for a larger area to grow crops on, giving you another way to earn more coins.

It gets more exciting as the ones behind this application never run out of new things to offer its players/farmers. Being a farmer has never been this easy. Invite your friends and build a new world altogether! Your life goes on and life on Farm Town grows even more!

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