4 Ways to Make Money From Your Blog Without Showing Ads

make moneyWelcome back to  Earningdiary. First I would like to say sorry to all my readers for not updating my blog for last few days. I had some problem with my laptop. Today I am going share some great(but not easy) ways to earn from your blog without showing ads. Making money online is not an easy process. It requires lots of hard work, smart work and patience.

1. Providing services-This is one of the best way to make money from your blog without showing ads. If you are a programmer, logo designer, theme developer or SEO expert then you can provide various services on your blog. You can  also use various forums like digital point forum to promote your services.

2. Freelance writing- If you write killer content on your blog,then other bloggers may contact you to write for them and of course they will pay a decent amount for each article you will write for them. The amount you will get for each article varies from $3-$20  dollar or more. This is one of my best income source.

3. Paid Reviews-If you are performing well with your blog, if you have a good pagerank and Alexa rank, then you  can make lots from your blog by reviewing other blogs, services or products.

4. Consultancy-It is always great to help others. By helping  other we always help ourselves. But what I believe is that time is money. The time we spend with others can also be utilized to make some some extra cash. So, it is better to charge a minimal rate for providing consultancy services to help other bloggers.

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