11 Tools To Check Your Internet Speed

check your internet speedWelcome back. Today we have collected some best tools to check your internet speed. With these cool tools, anyone can check their internet speed easily-

1. My-Speedtest:-A very useful tool to check your internet speed instantly. The most important thing about this tool is that it only takes 10 seconds to check your internet speed.

2. Speedtest:-Another free tool to measure internet speed.It is one of the real maximum Bandwidth meter. It is one of the popular tool used to perform over one million tests every day. This handy application is available for iPhone also.

3. Testmyspeed:-One of the popular free tool to test the connection speed of your ISDN, DSL, cable modem and more.

4. Bandwidthplace -This is a new web service which helps you to check your both upload and download speed. No need to register with this site like others to check internet speed.

5. 2wire:-Just visit this site. It will test your internet connection speed automatically.

6. Testmy:-This tool is same like Testmyspeed.

7. Mcafee Speed test tool:-McAfee Internet Connection Speedometer check how fast or slow your internet connection is. Speed is calculated with 1 or 2 tests.

8. Kify:-This is another site to check your internet connection speed.

9. Auditmypc:-Very useful tool to test the real bandwidth of your internet connection.

10. Ozspeedtest:-An australian site to check your internet speed. You can check both the upload and download speed of your internet connection.

11. Dslreports:-This tool is same like above tools except it can be used to test the internet speed of a mobile device.

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