6 Tools To Check Your Website Speed

check your website speedMost of you know Google started ranking websites by its load time.So,it is really important for every blogger or webmaster to check the loading time of his/her website/blog.There are various speed testing tools available now a days to check your website/blog speed.

Best Tools to Check Your Website Speed

Google Webmaster Tools

One of the most popular tool to check the page loading time of a website/blog.You can find it under lab as “site performance”.


Aptimize dot com is another simple tool but has a unique way of reporting. This tool intakes URL and send a email report in PDF format within  5-10 minutes. This tool also shows browser processing time and server processing time.

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Another useful and popular tool to check the page loading time of a blog/website. With this tool you can the speed of multiple urls at the same time. Iwebtool provides size, load time and average speed of the specified URL.

Website optimization

Another free tool to check website speed. This tool provides information about the specified URL in details. The report has two parts-

  • Diagnosis and analysis
  • Recommendations.


Another simple tool to check website speed. Measure your site speed and compare it to industry benchmarks. This tool also does not provide information in details.


This tool provides basic information about the specified URL. Similar with Iwebtool.

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