The Top 6 Alternatives to Google Reader

Everyone knows the fact that Google is shutting down its ‘Google Reader’. Many people are now feeling bad for it. However, it is not certainly end of the world, as you have so many other great reading apps available. They come up with extraordinary features and imported tools to keep you well organized. This article … Read more

5 Top Ways to Promote Your Website through Social Media

Google has made it clear it’s not enough to write great content, get back links, and invest time guest posting in order to gain authority for your website anymore—now they’re saying it also takes a presence in social media. Making your presence known on the big social networks is not only good for page results, … Read more

Does Google Plus Have The Business Advantage

Google, the leader in search engine, has made its presence felt in nearly all fronts. From cloud service to operating systems, it has likewise ventured into social media with the launch of Google+. But up to now, most businesses have not yet switched to the service. In the face of other popular social media services … Read more