Turning Your Social Media Followers into Real Business and Revenue

Building up a great network of social media flowers is an important part of both your online marketing and ecommerce efforts. You probably already know that it’s one of the most ideal ways to increase brand awareness and engaging your audience. However, not everyone realizes that it actually can be a great source of revenue as well. So here are a few tips to help you turn your social media followers into real business and revenue.Turning Your Social Media Followers into Real Business

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Create Great Landing Pages

The easiest place to start is by creating awesome landing pages that will entice people to want to learn more about what you should offer. Then, use your social media platforms to promote that landing page and direct people there.

This can be one of the easiest ways to begin the transition from follower to revenue source. However, you need to make sure that your landing page is optimized and effective. You rarely want to try to sell to them immediately from your landing page. Instead, use it to help them take the next step in the process of becoming a customer. Offer them expert information, free quotes, or other offers that would appeal to your ideal customer.

Use Drip Marketing

If you’ve done it right, your database of social media followers is actually a database of current and potential customers. You can reach out to them with a series of targeted messages that uniquely speak to your ideal customer.

In order to get the most unique message out to your social media followers, you should consider working with a specialized agency that has knowledge and experience of your specific market. It’s important that your followers feel a real connection to the message you are sending. In order to create such an effective message, you need an equal amount of in depth knowledge of your specific market and in-depth knowledge of marketing strategy and campaigns.

Many individual artists looking to make the most out of social media platforms as creators and influencers can try to get high soundcloud likes to improve their chances of monetization. Soundcloud is one of the hottest music streaming platforms, which helps artists, musicians and creators earn from their likes, engagements and views. However, you need to understand that you should always work with a credible and trustworthy marketing firm for this.

Create a Blog

If you aren’t already using a blog, you should be. This is a logical next step for your social media followers. The audience you get from these channels may not know much about what you are selling but they are definitely interested in your message. So, creating a successful blog that gives more depth and context to that message is something they definitely will be interested in.

You can then use your blog as an opportunity to position yourself as an expert while also talking more about what you offer. It’s a completely noninvasive way to nurture your social media leads to the next stage in the sales funnel.

Remember to Start Slow

Your social media followers are going to be mostly soft leads. These aren’t people who directly expressed interest in spending money on what you’re offering. These are people who found something appealing about your brand or your message.

Take the time to find out exactly what that is. Start by getting to know your followers better and offering them opportunities to get to know you better. If you don’t take the time to nurture these soft leads, you’ll lose them completely.

Using these tips as a foundation, you should do some additional research to create a concrete step-by-step strategy for gently moving your social media followers further along the sales funnel. It’s a delicate process but if you execute it well, you are opening yourself up to a strong source of revenue. So, it’s worth doing the research and getting your strategy in motion today!