How Skipity Impacts The Way You’ll Use Social Media

The entire Internet is at your fingertips every time you log into your favorite browser; however, harnessing the powers of the World Wide Web and using its vast resources to your advantage is challenging because there is just so much out there to see. Personalizing and streamlining your Internet world is not possible through Google search alone.

Skipity impacts use of social mediaSkipity, a powerful online toolbar, uses the power of targeted, editor-based random searches to instill your Web experience with creative, inspiring content. The toolbar alone thoughtfully navigates you through your Web experience, but what sets it apart is its intimate relationship with social media. The tool seamlessly incorporates social media into its operations, providing a platform for sharing and connecting. Here are a few ways Skipity will impact the way you use social media.

Freedom From the Constant Checking Routine

Constantly navigating back and forth between Facebook puts a damper on your browsing experience. Our need for constant connection in a world dominated by the forces of social media abbreviates Web research and prevents users from staying on track with websites. The Skipity toolbar relieves you of the constant flip-flop routine by combining all of your needs into a single platform. Once you have linked your Facebook to the toolbar (a quick and easy process), you are able to manage both your browsing and your social media presence on one, integrated screen.

Visible Facebook Notifications From Any website

Even better, there is no need to dash to Facebook when notifications come in. Skipity is unique in its ability to display your notifications in the exact same way as Facebook. Simply scroll to your notification icon, hover over the illuminated number indicating the amount of notifications you have and like magic, scroll through a list of recent notifications.

This feature allows you to navigate away from important websites only when it is truly necessary. It is a powerful tool for social media departments handling a high influx of notifications at once, allowing them to quickly find resources for customers and field pertinent questions.

Personalizing Your Web Experience

Another useful feature that sets Skipity apart is its ability to personalize your browsing experience. Before they even begin browsing, users specify their interests. For instance, photography, cats, nature, technology, as well as specify things they aren’t into as well. This simplifies your browsing and allows you to cultivate your interests without the fluff.

Technology will often promote a short attention span as there are constant distractions coming from all angles. This feature keeps you on task and prevents needless procrastination so that you can complete tasks, receive inspiration, and keep up with your browsing goals.

Instant Sharing Without ‘Quick Share’ Buttons

The ‘quick share’ Facebook logos are found on may websites, but not all of them. Copying links, going to Facebook, and uploading your latest find is daunting. When you find interesting information on one of these websites, Skipity allows you to skip the headache of manually linking through its own share button. Another cool feature, the screenshot button, allows you to share captures of your favorite websites or point out the truly important things you wish to share on a Webpage.

Share the Unique ‘You’

The personalized categories and quick share buttons give you the opportunity to share what makes you or your company unique,  and gives viewers and friends the ability to see what’s important to you. For example, health and nutrition companies, or personal trainers, will easily share health articles, workout videos, or fitness plans quickly through their browser, increasing readership and followers. Personal users will create organic connections through sharing their unique interests,  increasing connections with people who share common interests.

Skipity will revolutionize the way you approach the Internet. It offers focused, personalized browsing that represents your unique interests and search needs with the ability to offer inspiration through targeted random search. This dynamic sets it apart from the mere search toolbar and gives you an enhanced social media experience. Skipity is the tool you need to change the way you see social media and the Internet world.