Referrals on Social Media

referrals on social mediaOne of the biggest reasons why anyone who owns a business would want to get into social media as much as possible is because of the potential for their products and services to go viral. What this means precisely is that more and more Internet users click, read, watch or consume whatever the content is that you created. They spread it with their friends and family on their social networks and pretty soon you can have even millions of people looking at your content.

The greatest part of all this is that every single one of these little referrals – because that’s effectively what they are – are completely free and are completely there to promote your business. Not making use of them and capitalizing on this strategy is in this day and age a foolish business blunder.

How to Get Someone to Refer Your Product

There is no magic formula to this. There is no text, no video, no script that you can create which will get someone to go and post your link to one of their friends. The way it will happen is if they actually like it. Therefore, there’s only two things you need to be worried about in business:

  • Make great products
  • Make them available

Making great products is all entirely down to your own production schedule, quality control, assessment and systems development. These are the processes that you manage as a business owner. If you are already making great products and are selling them on the Internet, and now wish to make great content about your products, what you will need is a dedicated writing and marketing team who can create the content that will take your offerings viral.

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Making Your Product Available

The second part of referrals on social media that businesses often forget is that the only way to really create a viral product or service is to make it available in as many places as possible. When it comes to the blog content you are creating, you should endeavor to reach as many audiences as you can. This means linking your blog posts on Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Reddit and any number of the social media sites that people use.

If you are creating video material, then you should upload it for free on YouTube or Vimeo as appropriate. As we are entering this new gift economy, people will share your products only if they really believe in them and if they are good.