Reasons why Facebook is better than Orkut

why facebook is better than orkutThere was a time when Orkut was the talk of the town and every single person had an active account on the Orkut but over a period of time, the mindset of people has changed and the previous conception about the facebook that facebook is harder to understand and Orkut is simpler to understand. The fact about the failure of Orkut is due to only reason that Orkut never believed in applications or separate plugins as it generalized the concept of apps and plugins and in fact Orkut also came out with more complex structures like new contents, new themes, new layouts etc. which after a certain level even made itself look messed up and also very difficult and so does the complexity of the facebook remained same and eventually it was the facebook which has recently started to become popular as facebook is a better managed place where the apps, plugins and also the layout is kept simple with just three basic colours like grey, blue and mostly white. Also, the additionally, the facebook has over the period of time has moved on with the needs of the users but never hasted things until and unless it was necessity or the need.

Facebook has grown over a period of time has managed to garner a fair amount of subscribers as facebook now has more than 500 Million subscribers already compared to the Orkut’s very less active number of users. Also, in facebook everything is under one roof rather than the Orkut’s which has different sets of customizations all together.

While the facebook comes with a simpler and more professional look by not allowing the customized themes and also facebook has many advantages like mini feeds and also the wall concept is better than the scraps concept of the Orkut which is not quite easier to understand now as it has become bit more complex now.

Within the Orkut one can peep into the account of any other Orkut user irrespective of a friend or not but in the facebook unless and until you are not a friend and had made adjustments in the facebook security settings then no one can peep into your account unless he / she is your friend.

facebook vs orkut trafficIf you look at the statistics above you will see that the number of unique visitors over the past few months and also the trend has remained quite consistent and also facebook is being flooded by the new users quite regularly as you can clearly see in the stats above. Also, if you look at the adaptability of the facebook across several blogs or the website is quite higher than the ones which are adapted of Orkut as the API of facebook is much more simple than the one that of the Orkut.

While facebook has each and every single plugin to customize there are also several apps which makes using the facebook a simpler affair as all thanks to the simple and clutter free interface. Also, be it the translations, to friends request to better security features to the better customization of options with a neat overall interface facebook scores way too ahead than any other like Orkut and also the interface looks clean with all applications in a neatly managed way.

If we talk of the Social gaming then the games which are there in the Orkut are very time consuming and are not at all faster while the facebook games are really a breeze to play and quicky load up, if we talk of even the basic games like tetris to the Farmville which is being hot talked about it in facebook this one loads very easily and simply on any computer, all you need is a flash based computer. The collections of games at the facebook are much larger than the ones which are there with the Orkut. So, even in choice facebook takes away the cake here.

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