5 Things to Know When Trying to Get to Page One of Google

Ranking first or on page one of Google is the most wished for thing for any business. The number one search engine online, Google is accessed by millions of users everyday, using the search engine to discover everything new.Get to Page One of GoogleWhile website owners revel in having their website on the first page of Google, it’s important to know what you should avoid or take care of.

1. Understanding Google: Understanding how Google ranks web pages and how Content Marketing works is important. The way the web pages and search engines results in figures on Google has no fixed thumb rule that one knows – Google keeps its algorithms secret.

While we do not know how the algorithm works exactly, we do know what’s important and what’s not. Google has a very effective and random system that categorizes and segregates the relevant information away from the unwanted one stacking it in sequence and number rankings. Google takes into account the Content, Error-finding and use of any malpractices in sites – all of which are filtered by Google filters. The resulting Search Engine Results Page (SERP) is mainly of 3 main sections:

  • The top section is made up of 3 paid text ads
  •    The right-hand column consists of paid ads and sponsored links
  • The main section in the middle is made up of non-paid ads and most relevant information

Guaranteeing the number 1 spot is not feasible most of the times, but you can feature your website on page one if you are using the right SEO tactics.

2. Understanding Competition: Study your competitors. Understand what is making your competitor rank higher than your website. This will enable you to make the necessary changes required in your website, how the links, keywords, URL’s and how the general information should be placed and presented. Always remember, High quality links makes all the difference and slow and steady wins the race.

3. Be Wise and Improvise: Don’t resort to hiring a SEO firm right away. Look at your needs and whether you can do SEO yourself. If you are hiring a SEO guy, remember that a lot depends on how your website will rank on Google’s web page by your SEO’s work. Avoid using black hat SEO methods as your website can be heavily penalized in the future, even if you’re getting away with it now.

4. No Thumb Rule: As there is no fixed rule to rank as number one, there is also any fixed time span get to the number one page of Google. It’s a long term branding technique and process that requires consistent efforts and is also based on trial and error.

5. Unique Content: Google loves unique and high quality content. A beautifully designed and well-crafted website draws huge traffic and will automatically start drawing in more ROI.

So, what do you do if you are looking to get to the first page of Google?

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