Brabble, Foap and Other Leading Income Generating Social Apps

Gone are the days of social media simply being used to (over)share family vacation photos or details of your Saturday night dinner date. The landscape of social media platforms has changed to merge with ecommerce, which can make businesses – and you – a steady stream of income. Here are some apps to check out:Income Generating Social Apps

  1. foap

Finally, running out of available media space on your phone can actually put money in your pocket. foap is an app that allows you to upload photo collections and sell them to brands such as Nivea, AirAsia and Alamo (just to name a few.) foap also distributes your photos to their partners, which can make you even more money. How much? 50 percent of the commission each time one of your photos is sold. With seven years in the business, foap has used photos from over 3 million people across the globe, and now uses videos submitted from creators worldwide.

  1. Field Agent

Shopper insights and store audits that are scheduled are a thing of the past. The Field Agent app crowdsources insights from cell phones, allowing for “in the moment” feedback in both stores as well as the consumer’s home. Crowdsourcing is a way to gather information from a large group of people, and Field Agent does this a variety of ways: surveys, shopalongs, buy and try, and mystery shopping. The app could ask you to take a photo, complete a survey or express an opinion, and typically pays between $2 and $12 per job.

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  1. Brabble

Pat Mackaronis started Brabble in 2013 to bridge the gap between social media and peer-to-peer sales transactions by combining media sharing (photo, text and video) with key marketplaces (think Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist.) With many users concerned about faulty merchandise and fake posts, Brabble’s technology aims to authenticate both the seller and the buyer.

Relaunching the app this November after a brief hiatus, the app will use its *StartTags platform – a link that you can program into your Brabble post to create a direct buy or sell link right in the app. This allows Brabble’s 500,000 users with the ability to have a seamless P2P sales option, which can span across numerous media platforms. Users can directly connect with those audiences which builds the Brabble community. Mackaronis spoke about Brabble’s growth, saying, “we realized that Brabble was evolving to more of a technology company, and the *StarTags feature was far more valuable than we realized. We’ve become a company where *StarTags is our leading tool, the leading feature and we now have the ability to license the *StarTags technology to other companies.”  Patrick Mackaronis added,  “More importantly, we now serve as a SaaS model [software as a service], where people will be able to login to and we’re setting up a ‘do it yourself’ page. A company can sign up on their own and apply for a subscription-based service, and they now have access to the StarTag technology to use it in their campaigns, and their website and their network.”

  1. Ibotta

Founded in 2011 by Bryan Leach, Ibotta links consumers with brands and retailers three different ways: by sending receipts, linking a loyalty card and making in-app purchases. The best part? All three ways can make you money. The concept is simple: check the app before shopping, traveling or going out to eat, and add any deals to your phone. After you spend money, take a picture of your receipt in the app, and Ibotta will award the cash back. The app works with over 300 retailers such as, Coach and eBay, and has paid over $200 million to its users.