5 Tips to Boost Your Twitter Followers

In order to have a visible impact of Twitter on your business, you need to have a good number of active followers. And you don’t get followers by just joining and sitting back; you need to take some action and do it the right way. So, how do you build up a sizeable following that matters? Here are some simple tips to help you do just that.increase twitter followers

1. Have an interesting bio

Your bio gives the first impression to the visitor. They will be curious to know about you and your areas of interest. So, don’t forget to upload a profile picture. And keep it updated with the latest information. You can also post a link to your latest events in your bio.

2. Follow others

Follow back your followers and their followers too since they will most probably be sharing similar interests; your follower’s followers are more likely to follow you back. If you might have noticed, Twitter also recommends the people you should follow; follow them as well since the recommendation is based upon your Twitter activity. Search for the influencer leaders of your industry and follow them.

3. Tweet and Retweet

The more you tweet the better but make sure the tweets are relevant and interesting. Remember people often scan through your recent tweets before deciding whether they should follow you. Don’t just share the links from your own website; instead search for shareable information from all over the web and compose it into interesting tweets. Never hold back from repeating your tweets that have gone popular but be careful not to overdo it.

Keep in mind the fact that your followers may also be tempted to unfollow you if you inundate their feed with too much of boring and spammy stuff.

Timing of your tweets is also important. So, make sure you tweet at the right time; this depends upon when you followers are active and responsive.

4. Promote your Twitter handle

Let people know about your Twitter handle. Promote it on your website and other social platforms. Include it in your email signature, ads, visiting cards, etc. If you guest post or contribute on other websites, mention your Twitter handle in your author bio.

5. Other strategies

  • Make sure you are comfortable with the Twitter lingo.
  • To get the initial boost, buy some followers from top companies with good reputation.
  • Include photos and videos in your tweets
  • Send welcome message to new followers
  • Mention people in your tweets
  • Come up with giveaways and competitions as a means for boosting your tweets; following your Twitter handle or retweeting your tweet can be kept as an entry requirement.
  • Use hashtags. The trending ones will help you reach a larger audience. On the other hand, using hashtags pertaining to your business will help you connect to people with similar interests.

While keeping your efforts on to increase the number of followers, also keep interacting with your current followers. After all, engagement is the key to success.

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