5 Things You Should Never Share on Social Media

Seriously, I would never be amazed to see a rehabilitation centre for the social media addicts in near future. There are people those just can’t believe life without social media. Well, that doesn’t mean I don’t like social media; in fact, I am a big fan of Facebook. But, people actually forget common sense sometimes while being there on social platforms. Statistics say fifty one percent of users have multiple accounts. It means, they have to pay double the time they should give it for a social site. Things You Should Never Share on Social Media

However, things are not really the same always. People just share anything on their wall, which affects their life up to a great extent. On this context, we have put lights on few of such bad habits those must be avoided.

Have some patience to upload the party/holiday pictures:

Don’t know why, but people feel really proud to let others know how relaxed they are. They think it cool. May be, but there is also a word called enemy in dictionary. Don’t be too dramatic to say you have no rivals. Especially, people those are successful financially feel like a celebrity while sharing about the days on which they are on a leave or are going on a tour.
Hope for the best, but it can make you regret someday. Sharing prior about a tour means inviting the dirty mind people to make their plan. Well, you may upload pictures or videos of your freaky activities later after safe arrival at home.

Spare the social media from your professional world:

I know people those want a job just because they can update at their wall, fetch comments like “congrats” and impress girls. Anyway, these are mostly the beginners. Whatever, up to some extent people find it thrilled to mention about the current company they are working. In fact, there are also some with weird mindset as well to be of extra show-off kind to talk professional aspects, projects, the payment they get, etc on their wall.

You have gone blind; Man, Wake up and realise your competitors are always keeping their envy eyes on for you. In addition, there might be also someone with shortcut loving mindset to annoy you by approaching extensively for an opportunity.

Mind your viewers prior posting too frank pics/comments:

Grow-up is all I must say. Posting pictures those are too shameless must be avoided. Sometimes people try to be too funny and post dirty updates, nude pics, etc on their wall. Being funky is good; but there is always a limit. No problem if there is all of your kind, in your friend list, and you are too cool. Being practical, this is I think impossible if you are already a professional.

Religious aspects:

Believe me, this is very important. Religion or religious view is something related to spirituality, and the social media is never a place on this matter; especially if there are people of different religion or mindset. Sometimes you become too excited and share sensitive stuffs at your wall those may be different in terms of view from the others. It may create conflicts. Offcourse, you have all rights to share your thoughts. But, keep it in mind you have other things to do as well. These kinds of statements may disturb your plans absolutely, and shift focus. Hence, best way would be if you express these at a suitable platform.

Sharing the cosy moments those are too romantic or hot to handle:

Yes, again the celebrity kind of freaky mindset is responsible. I am not saying sharing lovable pictures is bad. But, never make your life a movie. Love doesn’t necessarily be showed off. In fact, it looks good with some restriction. You can’t really stop someone from commenting, and one jealous or critic’s kind of comment may disturb your whole day. Why invite unnecessary tension? You realise.
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