4 Tips for Better Instagram Marketing

It’s 2017 and social media marketing has mostly taken over other means of marketing. If you are not on social media especially on Instagram to market your business, you need to enter this space as it is going to be very fruitful to you in one way or the other. With more than 800 million users of Instagram, it’s a great marketing platform where you would be able to convert your followers to your potential buyers. The key here is obviously you need to make as much following for your brand/business as you can. Here I am going to share with you some tips or hacks that you can use to make your marketing better on Instagram.Instagram marketing tips

Instagram Insights

First of all, if you need to market your brand to the larger audience, you need to know what type of content your target audience like. But nowadays, due to an update with Instagram’s algorithms, Jarvee no longer works and the same can be said for other tools as well. With Instagram business account’s feature of Instagram insights, you can get insights into your content. With this function you can view which of your post got the highest response, how many times the viewers have seen your content, the number of times your videos have been viewed, the number of clicks you’ve got on your link, etc.

These types of insights help you better choose the content or posts for you Instagram that can drive more traffic to your account. When you post what your target audience likes when you market your brand the way your target audience likes, you will surely gain engagement on your posts, and ultimately you can gain followers on Instagram fast.

Engage Your Audience

The next vital step is to engage your target audience as much as you can. For that, you need to interact with your audience, make them feel that they are interacting with some human instead of any corporate profile. The more comments/likes/shares you can get on your posts, the higher the chances that your post will become visible to as many feeds as possible because according to a new algorithm of Instagram, it prioritizes the post that has higher engagement. You can drive engagement on your post through many ways like:

Share Images: The trick here is that you need to talk with your target audience not just talking about them. To drive engagement, you can share their photos on your profile, and appreciate their content. You can ask them to share their photos using your product and then repost their posts on your profile. This way you are marketing your product as well as engaging with your audience.

Contests and Shoutouts: The best way to increase engagement is to hold contests for your followers. Create exciting creative ways to hold a contest. Engage them by asking them something like “share this Image’, ‘answer this riddle’ or ‘your best experience with our product’ etc. and provide them with a shout-out or reposting their post as a reward.

Reply to Their Comments: one way to engage your followers and interact with them is to reply to their comments and start a healthy conversation. Not only on your posts but take time once in awhile to comment on your follower’s posts too.

Scheduling Your Account

The best way of marketing on Instagram is to Schedule your posts. Meaning thereby that your target audience knows when they will be able to see your next post. Initially, you will need some hard work to do to find out the time that drives the most traffic to your posts. But when you find out that time, try to post in those hours. Try not to post too much not too less. Balance out your posting schedule. The best marketing obviously is to know when to post and what to post.


The new Instagram feature of stories is the best way to make your brand market to the larger audience and hence gain followers on Instagram fast. Even if you haven’t got anything to post on a regular basis, you still can post Insta-stories, and tell people what you are doing behind the scene. People love to watch what is going behind those curtains. You can add different boomerang videos to your stories to make it more enjoyable.

Another benefit of using Insta-stories is that, in addition to a bio, business accounts that have more than 10k followers can add a link to their stories. That URL/link may direct your followers to your main page or any link to your website.

These were some tips you can follow to market your business on Instagram. I hope these will help you in 2017 for marketing your business. So, good luck and keep Instagramming!

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