4 Social Media Tips To Make Your Small Business Thrive

When it comes to growing your business, marketing is essential.  From your signs, business cards, to how you get the word out to your potential customers.  In this modern world, however, traditional marketing of the past isn’t enough.  Having an online presence is essential.social media tips

Your social media presence should be a priority as it is a direct reflection of the success of your business.  As your business continues to grow, you will see your social media follow suit.

Keep it simple when it comes to your social media.  Stick to the strongest platforms which are standard in the business world.  Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.  As long as you have a strong presence in each of these, there’s no need to worry about the rest.

Create a Fan Page

A fan page is a great way to openly show your popularity.  A fan page not only displays to potential customers your validity on the market but as a business owner you can look at your stats and insights which provide an insider look at exactly what your demographics are.

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By being able to see what customers respond to or engage with, you can target what works best to keep your customers interested and coming back for more content on your page.

Create a Giveaway

Remember, social media is all about numbers.  You want big numbers when people look at your amount of followers.  Besides paying for followers, one of the best ways to attract followers is to conduct a giveaway.

The way this works is offering a product or service which will be awarded to one or several lucky people who follow or become a fan of you, also tagging several friends.  You can grow exponentially within only a few hours.  If you do one giveaway a week, imagine the numbers you can pull in.

People love free stuff, no matter how small.  The cost of giving your item away for free is well worth the amount of exposure you’ll get by creating an online giveaway.

Interact With Customers

Make sure that you respond to every comment and message that you possibly can.  As your business continues to grow you may even need to outsource this job to a social media administrator.

Customers like to know that their voices are heard and that they have a personal connection with a product or service.  It creates a stronger relationship with your clients.

Post Every Day

Consistency is key on your social media page.  Posting every day shows your customers that you are active and current.  The more you pop up in users’ feeds, the more you’ll stay in their mind the next time they require products or services that fall within your category.