10 Most Popular Browser Extensions for Twitter

popular browser extensions for twitterWelcome back to EarningDiary. We all know twitter is one of the most popular social networking site and its popularity is increasing day by day. Today, We shall discuss the 10 most popular browser extensions of twitter in detail:


With the help of the feather extension you can clear up or change the twitters default appearance. It performs other interesting changes as well like lightening the color, fixthe width of the header, and you can do a lot of other attractive animations on it. It uses the safari and chrome browsers developed by Chris Masterson.

Twitter Translate

The Twitter Translate is used to translate the subscriptions which are not in your language. This application will translate the tweets in your mother tongue on the safari.

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Follow Freely

On the Twitter there are suggestions which come up like on Facebook on the sidebar. These suggestions can be some kind of advertisement or others. With the use of follow freely application you will be able to remove all these suggestions and work freely. The Browser used is Safari and it was developed by Steve Streza.

Tweet Bar

With the use of tweet bar you can keep your updates in the browser window. The browser used to be safari developed by Julian Kussman.


The Bit.ly is used to shorten the URL which is used by the Twitter users. The browser used is Firefox; Chrome which was developed by Bitly after his own name only the application was named.

Twitter for Safari

With The use of Twitter for Safari application you will be able to see and read what your friends or other people have to say about your current events and upload. The Browser used is Safari which was developed by Twitter.

Twitter Address Bar Search

The Twitter Address Bar Search application allows you to add on puts on the Twitter which is accessible on the search engine the browser used is Firefox and its Developer is Twitter.

Power Twitter

The Power Twitter application gives you an opportunity to view and use many new features which like Facebook are available on twitter as well. The Browser used is Firefox which was developed by 83 Degrees.


On Social media site like Twitter you can only write 140-character on a stretch and in case you want to write more you have to link the message. But with the use of this application you will be able to write and post the message at a stretch without any gap or break. The Browser used for the same is Firefox which was developed by Mike Cray


The Tweet filter application filters the not so frequently used extensions and replace them with useful and those extensions which are used more. The Browser used for this application is Firefox, Chrome which was developed by Tweet filter.