Use Technology Marketing to Generate Greater Demand

technology marketingIt is understandable that technology based companies spend much of their time focused on designing the latest advancement in technology in their sector and despite their successes in bringing new equipment and products to the marketplace, having the ability to support the sales and marketing of these product developments is often lacking. The truth is, that however innovative the product or services you provide, the way you market and sell your products could mean the difference between business success and failure.

Sales and marketing are complex areas that, like the technology products being sold, continuously change and evolve. However, the basics stay the same. The most successful marketing campaigns are ones that have been designed by someone who knows their market inside and out and can identify and target the right kind of leads for your sales teams.

Lead generation is an integral part of your technology marketing and if you are looking to improve your revenues, you need to ensure you have relevant, targeted and up to date leads to follow to begin with. With the right leads identified, your sales team can do exactly what they do best and turn those leads into potential customers.

Lead tracking is also invaluable when it comes to a successful marketing strategy, as knowledge really is everything. Tracking all your leads; such as where they came from, which campaigns were effective and how do the leads then translate into sales, will give you the ability to narrow your focus and chose the type of leads that are most likely to turn into revenue. At worst, lead tracking will show you which campaigns aren’t working and therefore aren’t worth spending money on in the future.

Of course, having translatable leads is of no use unless you have a team or process in place to follow them up. Whether that is the simple task of setting appointments for the sales team or moving enquiries straight to selling stage, being able to be responsive is the best way to ensure success.

Whether you have new products or services to offer or simply want to get your brand out there, ensuring your company is being seen and heard in your industry is also of great importance when it comes to marketing. From attending events and taking to the stage at exhibitions to sharing technology insight and best practice via white papers or articles in industry magazines, becoming known as an expert in your field will bring greater success to all your other marketing activities.

Of course, as with any type of company, technology businesses might not have the right skills in house to make a success of these initiatives. However, there are a number of specialist technology sales and marketing companies who will be able to help with everything, from lead generation to appointment setting and beyond. Experts in your field who understand the pressures that face technology based sales and marketing teams.

Clare Rollwode has worked within sales and marketing for many years and often advises companies on the best way to utilise marketing and communication techniques. She regularly writes articles on technology marketing for a number of websites and blogs.

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