Top 5 Tips to Manage Your Employees

Being a boss is not easy, handling pressures of a growing business coupled with the treasons and reasons of employees and their issues in office space is even worse. However, the worst is if you have been given the task to handle employees at your managerial level and you too have a boss to report to. This means you will be the fulcrum handling two sides, the boss on one side the employees on the other side. However, here are the Top 5 tips to manage your employees irrespective to whether you are the boss or not.

Top 5 Tips To Manage Your Employees

Tips to Manage Your Employees
Clarifying Targets Time And Again

Research shows that most of the times employees forget the macro or larger goal of an organisation or a boss and hence it is of importance to let the employees know their targets time and again as set when they began their work with your company. Constantly refreshing their memory about the accomplishments till to be made will benefit them as well as you. Employees too are humans and hence giving timely reminders may help getting the work done on time, even better with broad longish deadlines.

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Communication can be of any type, could be to remind them of their goal, basic reminders, their mistakes or another topic worth a discussion for the employee as well as your growth is useful. You should constantly endeavour to communicate and keep all such channels of communication open in case the employee has any doubts while you’re not around. If you are traveling make sure to be gibe the employee a phone or any other communication device form the company’s’ end for good use for the organization.

Complimenting Employees

If you are looking for better results and an increased output then negative criticism is going to work the least for you. What you need to do is scale up your feel-good comments, your positive remarks, and your respect for the employee along with appreciating his work if you feel so. Do not keep the appreciation to yourself. Even if his work is not worth appreciation it is in your duty to be with him and motivate him. Consider adding employee appreciation programs to your company.


For better productivity, results, a better work life and a better work environment it is important for you to give your employee justified freedom. Do not be the boss under whose nose one can hardly think of going to the loo. Be flexible and understand issues from the employee’s perspective as well. Giving the correct flexibility will also make the employee stay longer in your organisation, this point is quite critical. Blocking certain websites is fine for PC Security issues but do not block all the websites.

Rewards and Motivation

Thinking about it rationally and leaving the boss ego aside, do you really think your employees are here to see your company grow? The answer is no. they are here for their own salaries and growth primarily and hence makes sure you adequately support them with good salaries, increments and rewards coupled with a dash of motivation.

These are some of the best tips to manage your employees. These rules apply to all organisations, be it small or big ones.