Tips for Supporting Your Community as a Businessperson

Many of today’s consumers don’t only support businesses because they have good prices or an appealing selection of products. They also want a company’s leaders to be active in the community and doing what they can to give back and make the world a better place. Fortunately, doing that is easier than you may think. Supporting your community as business person

Find Causes That Align With Your Interests

It’s ideal when you can become associated with causes that mirror your interests or relate to the kinds of positive changes you want to see in the world. For example, the former CEO and executive chairman of DaVita created a non-partisan organization to encourage citizen engagement and access to voting.

If you can get involved with things that genuinely matter to you, your passion will become apparent to everyone and help them feel more motivated and encouraged. It’ll also be easier for you to explain to people why you chose to get involved with a particular cause if it’s one that means a lot to you.

Don’t be afraid of involvement that puts you in the public eye when appropriate. Maybe you’re an avid golfer. In that case, it could be a great idea to sign up to be both a participant and sponsor of an upcoming tournament for a charity in your area.

Make an Impact in Your Neighborhood

The early stages of getting involved in your community can feel a bit overwhelming, especially if you try to have a very large impact right away. It can be tempting to throw your support behind a project to help the whole city or even an entire state, and those causes are, indeed, admirable.

However, consider starting at the neighborhood level and seeing what the people located close by need. They’ll almost certainly appreciate that you took the time to get to know a little more about them and their lives.

If you already attend a community gathering of some kind, such as a church service, think about getting involved in an official capacity, such as volunteering for a particular role. It’ll then be easier for you to start conversations and begin building deeper, meaningful relationships with those who live near where you do.

Make Donations When Possible

Maybe you’ve noticed there’s room in your budget to accommodate some charitable giving. Alternatively, you may have realized there are several almost-new outfits in your closet that you rarely wear. Donations are not the only way to give back, of course. However, being generous by offering your donated items or funds can make a tremendous impact on people and organizations in the community.

If you’re donating goods to a certain place, take the time to contact someone there to verify they can accept what you want to give away. Due to space limitations or other challenges, many charities place restrictions on the types and amounts of donations they can accept.

Thinking about donating money instead? Consider setting up a plan to give a certain amount per month to maximize your impact.

These suggestions show that you can immediately start demonstrating to the public that you’re a business person who wants to make a difference. Whether you do so frequently or occasionally, your thoughtfulness towards others can make a lasting impression.