The Importance of a Business Strategy

The owner of a small business works with his staff to create business strategies in terms of advertising, sales, customer service and internal accounting functions. Business approach is a meaning of the tactics along with methods you will use to administer your business, according to the latest online business resource “More Business”. It is important to have effective and efficient business strategies instead.Importance of business strategy

Client Retention:

As per experts one of the fastest ways to lose customers is not having an effective business strategy prepared for the customer service area, according to More Business. Develop a program to track customers and stay in contact with frequent customers to ensure that your products are working properly. Make sales people contact customers at least once a month to discuss customer business and try to find new ways to help the customer with your product. When customers call to express a problem, they need to have an established and efficient customer service strategy in order to reduce their stress.


According to the Quick MBA educational resource, a good business strategy can ensure that the company’s resources are being used efficiently. These resources include personnel, reputation in the market, customer base, company patents, manufacturing processes and logistics resources, such as workshops or warehouses and shipping processing partners. Create business strategies that use all the resources of the company to help create a competitive advantage over the competition, develop new products that maintain or increase your participation in the market and in the industry and that give you control of domain over the technology of advanced of your industry. An inefficient use of company resources can end up costing the company money,

Company expansion:

The business resource site suggests that part of a good business strategy is the ability to explore business opportunities outside of your standard practice to help inspire the company’s expansion. By promoting vigorous marketing and conducting research with business strategies focused on overcoming the new market frontiers, you can help open up new ideas for your company that might not be related to your current business at first. For example, a computer repair company may find an advantage in becoming an Internet service provider after doing market research among the company’s customers. Expansion is one of the most important ways in which a company maintains its competitive advantage.

Finally, we can say that each organization has its own challenges and particular environments in which it must compete to achieve its objectives. To achieve them, the company must decide which strategies are more interesting to follow in order to obtain a sustainable advantage over its competitors and high profits. The key for an SME knows how to define their strategy and be faithful to it.

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