The Five Essential Qualities of a Great Leader

Being a leader and correctly guiding everything isn’t an easy job. If something happens wrong the complete leadership quality will turn to the worst time. Not every leader can come up with success there will be many steps to care of while you’re playing the leadership role. A leader must have the ability to show the right way and must know the way and guide everyone in the right way to reach their vision. Leadership must have the quality to distinguish success from failure and motivate their team member with full support and encourage them for the work they do. In this article let’s see about the essential qualities to become a great leader like Richard Warke and others. Richard Warke Vancouver is a well known name in the mining field who has built several successful mining companies with more than 25 years of experience in the international resource sector.Essential Qualities of A Great Leader


Courage is the first and foremost thing a leader should have. Being bold in all situations will make your team get some strength and feel proud of you. Some people will be fearless in their normal like itself but for people who don’t have courage, must learn to be courageous which will help them to stand against any problem.


To be the best leader you will need to build your confidence level to its peak. If you are not in a steady mind then your subordinates will not follow as you guide them. Show some of your assertive to bring fear and respect in the mind of your subordinates. You need not be overconfident but should be confident enough to face problems.

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Unless you communicate with your team members to guide them about the vision that is allotted to reach, it will be difficult for you as well as your team to reach the goal. You can never be a good leader unless you don’t have good commutation with your team members. When you speak out the power of your words will motivate the team. If you treat them in the right way they will give you the best output which you have not even imagined about.


Not everything can be done by you right. Before giving the work to others don’t forget to focus on the key. If you continue your team members it will create lacking belief and you will not focus on the important thing. So, split the work and distribute it to your subordinates and see how they perform. Give them all the support they need and give them the chance to hold their responsibilities.


When you are involved in your work before starting it the complete processing must be listed. Adding creative things to it will show your output in a unique way. Creative thing from your subordinates and yourself will make you stand out of the crowd in the market.

Decision making:

A leader should have the capacity to take the correct decision at the right time. Before taking any decision the leader should think of it and the impacts of it before speaking out.

Final thought:

To be a leader is the toughest job. If, you wish to become the best leader this article will guide you in the best way.