Spruce Up Your Office Space With These Nifty Decor Ideas

Whether you work from home or commute, giving your office space that professional and warm touch can certainly help your productivity.

spruce up your office spaceIt’s all about feeling comfortable and somewhat at home when it comes to your workspace, after all you’ll be spending most of your lifetime there. So here are some great little ideas for add-ons to start you off.

Design Around Your Profession

Think of your office as the clothes you wear to work – you want your office to project a certain corporate image, with the image of your company in mind.

For example, if you’re a lawyer or an accountant, your office should reflect a certain level of professionalism. A lawyer’s office is usually furnished with rich wood, such as mahogany, whereas if you work for a graphic design or advertising firm, your office is expected to reflect a more artistic, crisp and futuristic style. Usually, a lot of deep reds and brushed silvers are the colours to go for in that circumstance.


If it’s your home office, don’t be afraid to mix and match between materials such as stainless steel for the shelves and wood for the desk. You’ll spending at least 40 hours a week sitting at your desk, so ideally you want something with maximum comfort and lots of space. It’s handy to invest in a chair that suits you. There are so many styles out there nowadays that fit the shape of your body, so it helps to sacrifice style for comfort in this department.

Sitting in the same chair all day may weigh on your ability to think clearly, so why not add a small sofa to the room? Changing where you work or think for just a few minutes helps to refresh the mind and get it running at full capacity again. Or if you fancy a quick power nap, a cosy sofa will do the trick!

If you’re a busy bee and have meetings to manage, why not invest in some stackable conference chairs for when your associates come round for a chat? Not only are the chairs storable, but building your office around the company and not just yourself will give you a more professional touch.

Shelves are also a must have in any office. You want your files and important documents in a place where you can quickly get them when you need to. A sturdy, neatly organised steel shelf is just what you need.

Office Decor

Once you’ve gathered all the office necessities, it’s time for the fun part: decorating it! A nice little rug in the centre of the office is always a nice touch, especially if you have a wooden floor. Or why not go the fancier route and hang up some artwork? It just gives the room a warmer touch, and makes it feel like a nice place to be.

Speaking of those conferences, why not build in a magazine rack for your colleagues to relax with if you need to take an important call? It can be great for your lunchtime too! Other little additions like a modern clock, plants, and a stereo will make your office feel like it’s YOUR office, making you that extra bit happy and productive.