Running an Event Planning Business with no Office Space: 3 Tips

It takes skill to properly plan any event! It also takes careful consideration to properly run an event planning business. For example, while you can run one with no physical space, there are ways to make sure you’re running things in a way that doesn’t hurt your business in the short run or the long run.event-planning-business

Here are 3 tips for you.

Physical Storage Space

Planning an event can become hectic very quickly and so it’s very convenient to have at least some of your own things conveniently stored away instead of having to rely on others. It’s all about having things easy to grab and avoiding any accidental damage or loss.

Pick out highly-rated storage facilities as nearby as viable. And check out things like climate control if your things can’t handle extreme temps, good security cameras, access codes, and even good lighting.

Then, you want to sort your items by event so that finding what you need doesn’t slow you down. In fact, it’s a good idea to label your boxes and shelves and keep an updated inventory list.

Imagine quickly finding the box labeled “AL Corporate Event – Dec 2023,” containing branded banners and promotional materials, streamlining your entire process.

Virtual Collaboration Tools

Virtual tools are a huge reason why many promising entrepreneurs can work from virtually anywhere.

For example, Slack is great for discussions – which quite a bit of is necessary for event planning – when you set up channels for each gig and hook up useful apps like Google Drive for quick file sharing. There’s even Asana for big-picture planning, where you can plot out project timelines plus milestones to hit.

For example, your team’s handling a wedding project on Slack where real-time chatting means everyone’s in the loop. Tasks are laid out on Trello, and any schedule tweaks are updated on Asana; things are running very smoothly.

Mobile Office Setup

The nature of the job means constantly being on the move and going mobile is one of the best ways to make things easier on yourself.

How? You want to invest in a laptop that’s both light and capable to load it up with project tools, design apps, chat apps, etc. Next, sync calendars and tasks between your laptop and phone for a seamless flow.

Of course, you really want to take advantage of cloud storage tools like Google Drive or Dropbox as well to back up things like contracts and project files.

For example, you’re doing a walkthrough with a client at a venue, and with your laptop show off layouts and designs. Meanwhile, your phone keeps you connected with vendors and updates from your virtual tools; you’re always on the ball.

Running an event planning business is definitely not a cakewalk. Still, even without an office, there are ways to keep things running properly.