Up and Running: The 9 Best Apps to Help With Your Business

When you own a company, business doesn’t end in your office. And when business doesn’t end in your office, you need technology that keeps you connected wherever you go.

If you already own a fast smart phone under a 4G LTE network, you need apps that can keep up with company needs when you’re mobile. Try these for growing and promoting your business:


ZenDesk is one of the top business apps available for customer service. While you can tailor its amenities to companies of all sizes, ZenDesk’s mobile app allows you to manage tickets on the go with real-time activity tracking and push notifications. Good customer service from ZenDesk (combined with a speedy network) will keep clients coming back for more—even when you’re not in the office.

Square Register

Best Apps to Help With Your BusinessImage via Flickr by Joe Ross

Plenty of business apps help you manage transactions, so there’s no excuse for denying credit card payments and missing out on extra sales. With Square Register, you can accept those monies without bulky equipment or hefty fees. After signing up, Square will send you a free card reader and you can start accepting cash, major credit cards, and gift cards, as well as receiving direct deposits into your bank account.


If confusing accounting software makes you cringe, try FreshBooks. This app provides cloud accounting specifically for small business owners and provides mobile solutions for anyone with a smart phone. Track your time, document receipts on the go, create and send invoices, and even integrate your data with ZenDesk. Since FreshBooks accepts 14 different forms of payment, getting your money has never been easier.


Spend lots of time on the road? TripIt will help you organize your itinerary and customize it with maps, pictures, and notes. Send your flight, hotel, and car rental confirmations to TripIt to generate a schedule and sync it to your mobile calendar. You can even share travel plans with your assistant, spouse, or social media followers.


IT experts already use CopperEgg to monitor their servers and websites in the cloud. With the CopperEgg app, that power goes mobile. Get live updates, push notifications, and metrics on everything from CPU usage to disk IO—all on your phone. Live-updated graphs and a clean user interface help you respond quickly to upcoming issues.


For entrepreneurs that entertain guests or host lunch meetings, OpenTable is one of the best business apps for getting reservations. Its mobile version allows you to instantly reserve tables at over 20,000 restaurants in North America and find dining options based on ratings, location, or cuisine. Earn redeemable points that you can spend at other OpenTable locations, too. Got a special occasion or a client with a nut allergy? Simply make a note in the app to tell the restaurant.


Even if you have a human resources department, BambooHR’s app will make it easier to keep track of your employees. Members can manage contact information with a built-in company directory and track time-off requests (or even send them to supervisors). Sync everything to your mobile calendar to remember who’s coming to work.

E*TRADE Mobile

If your business makes enough money to start investing, E*TRADE Mobile puts you in control. Get live stock prices, place trades on the go, deposit checks into your trading account, and read the latest market news. You can also scan barcodes and get trade information on companies that own the scanned products. Between live account updates and watch lists, you’ll never miss out on investment opportunities that grow your business.

Zoho CRM

The ultimate app for managing every aspect of customer relations is Zoho CRM. It monitors current sales and produces forecasts, logs calls with contacts, generates reports on every business aspect from marketing to inventory, and syncs to Gmail. The app also integrates with LinkedIn to generate leads or keep you connected with clients. Best of all, the starting price is free.

While some apps require paid subscriptions, the ability to grow your business—and rule the world from your smart phone—may make their cost worthwhile. Next time you need help with accounting, IT, or travel arrangements, check your pocket instead of rushing back to the office.