5 Ways Roller Banners Can Get Your Marketing Campaign Moving

When it comes to marketing, the small details can often make a big difference. When you are planning and implementing a marketing campaign for your company it helps to look at all the ways you can maximise exposure and put together a joined-up campaign. One part of the mix is the roller banner or the portable display banner, which is particularly useful when you are advertising externally but can also be used within the workplace; in the reception or other client areas. Here are a few ways you can make a difference to your marketing strategy with roller banners.Roller Banners

  1. Take Your Banners on the Road

Because roller banners are lightweight and portable they are ideal for transporting to events, conferences, trade shows, and meetings. If you have a few different banners from a cost-effective supplier like http://www.rollerbannersuk.com you can use different themes for different events and purposes.

  1. Use a Roller Banner in Your Offices

A roller banner doesn’t just have to be used at events or conferences. If you have news you want to share with employees, a pop-up banner or banner display could be just the thing to communicate a short, impactful message. People often ignore emails; seeing a new display in the reception area is, on the other hand, guaranteed to get their attention. Alternatively, roller banners can be used in reception for clients – direct customer and client attention to the reception desk, for example, or simply make it clear to them that they are in the right place.

  1. Adjust Your Message When Necessary

Using banners and displays is a good way to put together a targeted message that ties into your current advertising campaign. Display banners are economical to put together and can be adjusted and remade once you need to send out a different message to your customers. The portable nature of banners and their cost effectiveness make them the ideal choice for quick-changing marketing campaigns.

  1. Use Banners to Make an Impact

If you are launching a new product or a new line of products you can use banners to create a splash of interest. Roller banners work best in this instance when you use bold graphics and minimal text so that you catch people’s attention with colour and images. Once their attention is caught you can direct them to view the product in question.

  1. Use Banners as Part of a Wider Campaign

No one should expect banners and displays to win you all the clients you need on their own. It is more useful to think of these items as an integral part of a wider campaign. The message, colours, and graphics should tie in with the campaign as a whole and banners work best when they are backed-up by marketing literature, web marketing campaigns, and publicity materials like flyers, posters, or signs. An integrated campaign that covers a wide marketing mix is ideal as you will gain most success from this type of strategy.


Image courtesy of Salvatore Vuono / FreeDigitalPhotos.net