Refocus and reengage with a brand audit

The year is still fresh and there is still time to ensure your brand is on target for success. Your efforts in 2015 don’t end now and you should be building upon them in 2016. When the new year came you should have reassessed where your business was sitting, what was working and how you could improve. Now is the ideal time to check in and see where you can make adjustments to hit the winter months in top form.

So, what do you need to do to make sure your brand image is on the right track?

Get in shape

You need to honestly assess what is working and what isn’t. Is your brand being seen the way you want it to on social media and in customer reviews? The best way to find out if your brand is meeting its targets is to do a simple search. Have a look through any Google reviews, check for hashtags regarding your company, audit your direct messages on your social networks, and basically look for every mention regarding your company. Check with your customer service team for any themes to complaints and queries. Once you have collated these, look for patterns. Read the good and the bad and find out what your reputation really is. From there, you can begin to refocus your efforts and ensure you remain on track.


Find out if you’re hitting your target market

This is a good time to check if your carefully created personas and target audience segments are accurate. Have you been hitting the right people and have new customer profiles emerged as a significant market?

Refine your materials

If your marketing materials still have Christmas trees on them, then you need to get up to date. With so many aspects to consider, it is easy to let the small, seemingly unimportant things slip through. Who cares if you are still wishing customers a happy new year in April? Your customers do. Establishing trust is one of the major branding factors and letting your collateral or website slip into irrelevance won’t fill your customers with confidence that you are on top of your business. What if they have an issue or a complaint? They might not feel that your company will be ready or able to deal with it effectively.

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Head in a new direction

If your audit is shaping up well and your business is on top of its brand commitments, it might be a good time to introduce something new. It could be as complex as a new product line, or simply commencing a multi-channel vendor strategy by adding the eBay and Amazon marketplaces to your eCommerce business. This type of shake up allows you to send out special announcement emails and push your direct marketing harder.

Effective marketing and eCommerce entrepreneurship relies on managing a large number of elements cohesively. Taking time out to assess your efforts and results is the best way to make sure your company continues to show progress and growth.