Patrick Henry – The Most Efficient And Experienced Technology Consultant

This is the era of specialization and people, from different walks of life, always try their best to avail specialized planning or consultation before going for the starting of any business. While there are lots of organizations and individual consultants, who use to provide required consultancy for startup business and the QuestFusion is one of such organizations; where one can have the strategic planning, along with startup business development, accumulation and sourcing of growth capital for the specific needs. This company is run by most efficient and experienced professional from various fields and headed by Patrick Henry, the CEO of the organization has adequate exposure in the consultancy for the startup business.

Patric Henry and His Exposures 

Before joining the QuestFusion, Patric Henry worked as the CEO of another organization, Entropic Communications. He is originally a San Diego based seasoned professional and entrepreneur, who have more than 25 years of experience in the field and worked in various other organizations, with the capacity of CEO or Member of Board of directors. Prior to the formation and heading the QuestFusion, he was involved in at least three different organizations, in last 13 years, who were engaged in technology development business. While in Entropic, the main focus was given to the growth and development of the company and as a successful leadership and effort, the organization had been able to list on NASDAQ from the pre-revenue / pre-product stage and only in early 2015, it has been acquired by MaxLinear, another tech company from San Diego. Patrick Henry CEO has a huge amount of experience in the field of the major strategic joint venture, the employment contracts, negotiating of  the composite nature M&A transaction, and above all, large scale long term contracts with various Fortune 100 entities.

Patrick Henry - The Most Efficient And Experienced Technology Consultant

There are several occasions when Patric Henry had won several awards and laurels, which are the proof of his ability and experience. In 2008, he won the award of the Entrepreneur of The Year for Technology, conferred by Ernst & Young and also became the Transcript 2008 Top Influentials of San Diego Daily. According to San Diego Business Journal, Patric Henry was adjudged as the Most Admired CEO in 2011. Apart from this, he was the Board member of the non-profit entity, EvoNexus in San Diego, which was also involved in the acceleration and the incubator technology company.

Qualification and Area of Expertise

Patric Henry CEO is having a bachelor degree in Engineering Science, including Mechanics. He earned this degree with high honours from one the most respected organizations, Georgia Institute of Technology and also having an MBA from the University of Southern California. Apart from this, he was involved in numbers of charity and civic organizations, which include Compassion International, the Rancho Santa Fe school, the University of Southern California and obviously the Georgia Institute of Technology. The most attractive and customized consultancy support can be availed from Mr. Patrick Henry, who has the capability, skill, knowledge and professional guts in providing the most efficient service for any startup or existing company.