Why You Need Social Media for Your Dealership

Marketing is a key part of any company, especially used car dealerships, to ensure you get your name out there. Social media marketing is all about spreading the word of your business to a wider range of people. Sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are some of the most used websites in the world and are therefore worth making your mark on.Social Media for Your Dealership

Manage your social media pages by posting regularly to keep up interest. You can post about news, latest offers and even giveaways. This is an easy way to interact with customers and get your name seen. You can easily share your stock on social media, as well as having it on your website and Auto Trader or Car Gurus. The more you share, the more people see it. Fact.

You can monitor progress on social media platforms by viewing number of followers and likes you have on your page. This is a super easy way to watch your visibility increase. Traffic and conversion rates can also be monitored and you can see where you are improving. Social media can open up new doors for your creative business ideas. It allows you to come up with new, inventive ways to build connections and share your business.

Some may feel like social media is not professional enough, or are unaware of how it works. It’s easy to educate yourself on the use of social media in business and give yourself a wider range of opportunities to advertise and widen your profile. Many used car dealerships use Facebook as another platform to advertise stock. Ben from Eden Commercials has been using social media to post videos and adverts of his stock. He says “Using social media to advertise is a cost-effective way to widen your audience whilst still getting to your target market.”

Don’t miss out on the fastest growing network in the world. Make the most of the opportunities social media can give you to help your business grow!