Modular Exhibit Stands and Custom Exhibit Stands: The Differences

If you regularly display products at exhibitions and other business events, you need to choose an exhibition stand that is as impressive as it is practical and cost-efficient. You can gain this advantage when you set up a modular exhibition stand. Whilst some exhibition participants like custom editions of exhibit stands, the trend today seems to be leaning toward the modular variety.Exhibit Stands

Modular Stands

To understand why modular stands are appealing, you have to know a little bit about their construction. Modular stands are exhibits that are designed with pre-manufactured parts. By using this system, exhibitors can set up and dismantle a stand at a moment’s notice. In addition, the stands are made to fit into various spaces.

An Easy Assembly

The main reasons why modular exhibition stands are chosen over custom designs have to do with assembly, reusability, and price. Because the stands are made to assemble easily, they do not have to be set up using a large number of tools.

Choosing a Modular Stand

Modular stands are stocked in several designs, each of which can be purchased, hired, or leased. Some of the systems for stands are made primarily of aluminium whilst others employ a tension fabric system that displays both aluminium and vibrant fabrics in its design.

The Tension Fabric system is an innovative stand that can be single- or double-sided and that features a number of fabrics in its display. The graphics on the stand can be readily backlit as well, making this system a more economical lighting option. If you are seeking a straightforward self-assembly process and a robust stand, this is the display to choose.

Modular stands are also available for exhibitors who wish to showcase bigger items. These stands are ideal for such products as boats or automobiles. In addition, interconnecting tubes are used to assemble stands for use. Other modular models are created on CNC machines and made to fit any size exhibition space.

Custom Exhibit Stands

Custom stands, on the other hand, are more costly to construct than modular stands. But there is a reason for this. A custom-built system noticeably stands out, especially when it is set up next to thousands of cheaper shell-like exhibits. The custom design is not limited to uniform or fixed parts either. As a result, complex and interesting tailor-made stands can be built within a company’s budget.

If you choose to go with a custom stand, a project manager will usually take a full brief and submit it to in-house designers. The in-house design team will follow your specifications to produce a stand that meets your display needs and aesthetics.

Exhibition Participation

If you set up your stand at more than one exhibition per year or if you regularly feature your business at such events, it might be better to select a modular style. Custom-designed stands are made for exhibitors who display their services and merchandise and who want to build a stand that has been specifically tailored to their company’s product lines or services.