Maintaining Your Bottom Line with Hourly Employees

Most businesses have a number of hourly employees that get paid when they are at work, doing their jobs. But how can you, as a business owner, make sure that their occasional tardiness doesn’t take away from your company’s productivity and earnings? If you are dealing with late employees, here are some ways you can address the issue without harming your employer-employee relationships.Maintaining hourly employees
Understand the Reasons

Whether you are dealing with the occasional late employee or someone’s chronic lateness, it is important to understand why this tardiness is happening before passing out any type of punishment. In some cases, you may be able to guide your employee to programs and policies that allow them to have a different schedule, reduced hours or days off. For example, if it falls under a situation outlined in the Family Medical Leave Act, your company could be violating an employee’s legal rights if you refuse to accommodation their absences.

Know Company Policy

If you cannot find a suitable alternative option for a chronically late employee, it is important to understand what your company policy is. It is important that you show your employees that what they agreed to when coming to work will stand as the standard punishment for this type of infraction. The most valuable thing you can give all of your employees is the sense that they know the rules without you undermining them or giving too much slack to someone who doesn’t have a legitimate reason for it.

Use Technology to Track Time

One of the ways that employees who are chronically late can be kept accountable is to install time clocks that will prevent absenteeism or working around being late. Devices such as biometric time clocks are great to use for workplaces where employees are used to clocking in for others who may show up late. The biometric factor makes sure that only that employee can clock in and out on their own time card, preventing fraud across the board.

If you are interested in learning more about these technologically savvy time clocks, you can check out places such as Allied Time for more information and options to choose from.